Adding an Azur to my Speedy collection... which size?

  1. Hi guys :smile:

    I've decided to get the Azur Speedy I've been lusting after for awhile!! Here's my question:

    I love the way the Azur looks in 25, but I already have a red epi speedy in 25 and a mono speedy in 25, both of which I use for nights out. I want to hang cles on the Azur speedy that I get and I think they look great hanging on a bigger, sagging Speedy.

    But the 25 is really cute! But should I get a 30 so I can have both sizes of Speedies?

    Thanks for your opinion!!! I am 5'6" and average sized. :tup:
  2. I think the 30's the perfect size for you! It'd be a change from the 25's. :tup:
  3. I love the 30...would never carry a 25 now!!
  4. I say get the 30
  5. I think it depends how much room you need. I just got the Azur 25 today and I also have an Epi in 25. The Epi 25 is definitely larger (longer) than the Azur.

    You can't go wrong with either!
  6. I'm ok with the 25. I was using a damier alma before I bought the azur speedy 25. Whatever I was carrying in my alma is pretty much in the speedy now (except for a few less diapers for my baby :smile:)
  7. I'm the same height as you and the 30 is definitely the right size. The 25 is cute but it's pretty tiny.
  8. Good to know! I have and love my two 25 speedys but I would like to start a collection of 30s and I'll start with the Azur!! :tup: Thanks for your help everyone!
  9. The only 25 I have left is my cerise speedy, I really like the 30 better!
  10. azur speedy 30! i just got it two weeks back and i'm totally in love with it!