Add salt for curls?

  1. Hmm...what do you think of this?
    Saltwater? :confused1:
  2. Doesn't that make hair stiff and dry?
  3. I tried this & my hair looked awful. Whenever I go on vacation my wavy hair looks great from the salt water but not when I tried it, it was really crunchy & the roots looked flat. I know Bumble & Bumble makes a product called South Surf Spray that apparently contains salt in it.
  4. John Frieda used to make a spray called Beach Waves but it got discontinued which sucks cause I loved it. Sedu is supposed to make a good one, but I have never tried it.
  5. I have heard of this before its like as someone mentioned bumble and bumbles surf spray. Its like when you go to the beach and your hair gets kinda wavy .
  6. I used to use this as well. Too bad it got discontinued - I didn't realize this, as I recommended this product to someone else in another thread.
  7. The Bumble & Bumble product worked pretty well for me...when my hair was much longer. Putting salt on damp hair does seem like it would work, though but it might dry it out a lot.
  8. isnt' salt like bad for your hair, like when you go to the beach and your hair gets all ugly and dry? I want to know
  9. In my opinion, the salt helps the curls stick together and not frizz, as opposed to activating them. But you could always get a curl creme to do that, as salt dries out your hair (every surfer i know has hair like straw). If you want a spray that will activate waves, John Frieda used to make one in his frizz ease line called curl defining spray. I have used it and it works really well.
  10. I think my hair curls nice at the beach simply because it dries quickly in the hot sun and it doesnt give my hair a chance to frizz. Nothing to do with salt water. Salt water does help give nice highlights though.
  11. I have the Bumble and Bumble Beach Spray.

    It works OK, although it is not my fav.