Acupunture - has anyone tried it?

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  1. My cat has been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, which means he's in chronic urinary pain. The treatments for this aren't really a cure but more along the lines of pain management. I wondered if acupuncture might be a good idea. Has anyone tried it? Results?
  2. I have no idea how it works on cats, but on people it works great! I hope it works for your cat-anything that can minimize their pain is wonderful.
  3. My vet has tried acupuncture on my cats. Unfortunately we didn't see much of a change.
  4. I get it, and so does my horse. I haven't seen any change from MY appointments, but my horse is completely different..... he just moves better, he's more comfortable, and he's happier. I'd try it out - but it will probably take 3 or 4 treatments before you decide if it's working or not.
  5. Both my 12 yo female lab and my 11 yo male weimaraner receive acupuncture.

    The lab suffers from arthritis (the acupuncture is for pain management) and treatment seems to help tremendously. After she has an acupuncture treatment she moves better and even appears more energetic. IMO it helps even more than chiropractic adjustment.

    The weimaraner suffers from colitis and the acupuncture is to help regulate his digestive system and manage any pain. I don't really see a difference after his treatments, but he hardly ever seems bothered by the colitis to being with, so I don't expect dramatic results. His digestive system seems more regulated after treatment, so I do believe it is doing something.
  6. Thank you all for your useful feedback. My cat is on 4 different meds right now and I'm looking into holistic treatments so that I'm not constantly medicating him. We have an appointment booked and I'm praying it does something. I'm giving him urinary support supplements, too.

    My vet loved the idea of trying acupuncture and is waiting for a report on its effectiveness. He's been interested in all the tricks I've come up with as we've battled Jinjy's urinary problems. I've tried Cat Attract litter, Feliway spray and plug ins and using wee-wee pads in places where Jinjy seems to prefer peeing. My other cats like puking on the wee-wee pads so they've come in very handy.

    Fingers crossed!
  7. My female dalmatian used to get it and it helped tremendously for her arthritis pain and kidney problems.