actual picture of new inclusion color AMARANTE

  1. [​IMG]

    photo taken by LambLovesChanel (she posted on another forum we're on)..
  2. OH WOW, thank you for posting!!! I am definitely in love. I wonder if this means we can hop on the WL!?
  3. Very nice color! Can't wait for the Brentwood or Roxbury in this color! Thank goodness I haven't been bitten by the LV inclusion bug yet or I would be in trouble! It looks sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
  4. I think I'll get the bracelet and the Speedy...
  5. Thanks for posting. I thought it would be darker.
  6. pretty pretty. thanks for posting.
  7. So, it is kind of like a maroon?

    thanks for the pix by the way!
  8. Very pretty...but it does look kind of brown in the pics. Thanks for posting it!!
  9. Thanks for posting ...I can't wait to see it IRL:heart:
  10. :nuts: I love this color! I can't wait for this to come out. I might have to reserve a new vernis piece in it.
  11. thanks for posting this new color, so it's more of brown than vamp? either way, i will get something in it lol
  12. I'm really liking it... it's brownish... but with a twist!
  13. Ooh! Looks pretty good. Can't wait to see it on vernis itself.
  14. Thanks for the pic habibty :biggrin:. It looks purple-ly to me :nuts:
  15. Thanks for posting ;)