"Acne & oily skin"

  1. My skins going crazy. I'm 37 with oily skin but I've never broken out before until now. I keep getting terrible breakouts and big cyst like pimples on my chin only. I keep switching skincare and most for acne dry me out too much. Has anyone had any luck with Dermalogica, Kinerase, Epionch, Clarins? I need a good skincare regime fast. Any suggestions?
  2. I used the Dermalogica clay cleanser. It really helped reduce oil in my t-zone but didn't do much for blemishes.
  3. I am in the same boat with age, skin type and having breakouts on my chin when I had never had them before. Acne products only made my skin worse, and when I stopped using them my skin reacted with at least double the oil production I had before. I finally switched to Cetaphyl cleanser. It isn't fancy and it isn't designer, but it worked for me. I still get a blemish sometimes, but the big cysts on my chin are gone.

    In my opinion, acne products that artificially dry your skin do more damage than good. Your skin compensates by trying to produce more oil, not less. A non-drying cleanser used twice a day and a light moisturizer are the best path to clearer skin in the long run. Good luck!
  4. Origins Checks and Balances! I use this every day, I've used it for years, it is the best face wash ever!
  5. Well I have been on proactiv many years now 8+ yrs to be precise (do some searches many post out there) and it has really helped me overall but, my skin has become immune to it so I wanted to wein myself off of it slowly.... Now, I only use their cleanser, sometimes their toner and my own moisturzer. IMO they have the best cleanser by FAR. The system may be too harsh for some peoples skin, but as far as stand alone products, I think they are the absolute best. Two best products that are a must are the Cleanser, and the Refining Mask.

    Best acne prescription medicine is tazorac! My mom had some samples she gave me and all I have to say WOW!! They've even helped with my old acne marks. Def worth a try if you have no luck with anything else....
  6. I have dry skin, but did break out with a whopper once a month or so, and have periodic clogged pores. About a year ago I started using Nucelle products. It's targeted for acne AND aging, but is non-irritating. I swear by this stuff. However, I should point out that I only use the cleanser and 10% mandelic serum. My skin is so dry that I can only use the serum once a day, even though they recommend twice a day after you have used it for a week or so. I also use Mama lotion once a week or so. It has kept my face clear since I started using it, and with the mandelic acid, my pores and skin tone are great. I recommend getting a starter kit, for you, the one for oily skin, and trying all the products. The travel size starter is about half the price of the larger starter kit, but in the larger you get all full size products. :tup: The full size kit is usually under $100.

    I order it from skincarerx.com


    Here is the MaMa lotion:


    They always have 10% off coupons too, just do a search.

    good luck. :yes:
  7. Get the Dermalogica skin kit for acne or oily skin. I swear by it.
  8. I also swear by Dermalogica! I went to their salon and got "face-mapped." They'll analyze your complexion, not on your whole face, but section by section! They recommended me on what products to use, and I'm using most of what they suggested, including cleanser, microfoliant, moisturizer, toner, and mask.
  9. I had the same problem. I have always had an oily skin but no acne. I still get an occasional tiny cyst or too. In summer 2006, I had a major breakout. I tried everything from facials, to cleaning my skin thrice daily, to swtiching product but neither method worked.Finally, I decided to see a dermatologist. She gave me several creams and stuff. It did not clear up until she predescribed some antibiotics to stop the infection. So please save your money and go and see one before it gets worse.
  10. I agree with this post. Acne / oily skin can be a sign of a "deeper" problem such as ovarian cysts or bowel disease. A dermatologist is definitely the way to go.
  11. dont use proactive! i think their ingredients are too harsh. the bf swears by it and he has so many wrinkles even though we are the same age.

    i used to have really oily skin. i use the shu uemera mineral oil cleanser and have gotten a lot less zits since then.
  12. if you are getting adult acne, esp cystic acne, a visit to the dermatologist is money well spent IMO. Cystic acne around the chin, esp, may be related to hormones. every now an then I get one of those and no cream/skin care has helped. I go to the dermatologist and he gives me a shot and it goes away in 24 hours, no scars. If that sounds too drastic, I've heard good things about the Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device (check out Sephora), though I have never tried it.
  13. A friend told me to try Queen Helene's Apricot Moisturizing Facial Masque and it worked so well--I swear by it now! It keeps my skin soft and also deep cleans my pores. I haven't been getting nearly as many blemishes. I didn't think it would work because it's just from Rite Aide and costs about $4, but it's amazing!
  14. I do not recommend the Zeno device, it is not as effective as getting a shot from the dermatologist. It's quite pricey for something that just irritates your skin and makes it red for several days.
  15. I used to be a Derm rep for three years. There are some really good prescription medications out there that will help you. A Dermatologist might even put you on a short course (usually about a month) of antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria. I would tell them that ProActive was too harsh for you, because that stuff is nothing but a very low dose Benzoyl Peroxide -so if you reacted - then you have sensitive skin. There is a really great wash that I believe went over-the-counter called Brevoxyl Creamy Wash. I might try that every other day at first and then if you tolerate it, every day. :flowers: