Ack! Mirror image replicas

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  1. I have stumbled across a website selling "exact mirror image" LV replicas and it's freaking me out since the pics they have match my real bags EXACTLY!
    Could they have taken pics of real LVs and used those on their website?
  2. yikes I do not know but it is a bit scary!
  3. Fake website do anyting to attract buyer.S.

    They can use stock pictures, the pictures form real bags (but you will receive the ****ty one)

    The pictures can't really tell the craftmanship, you will know the different of the craftmanship and materials when you receive it..
  4. kind of scary about how easy it would be for someone not on the PF to get confused and mistakenly buy one of these horrid bags though!
  5. r u serious? :wtf:? pix plz :wtf:
  6. I don't want to give the website name since I don't want to promote them...
    I wonder if anyone has ever bought from them, used the bags for a while to develop patina, etc, and then sold them as authentic on eBay. So paranoid now!
    I hope the pics aren't from their own product since every detail is exact compared to the bags I have sitting in front of me. They have tons of closeup, detailed pics, not just stock photos from LV. They even say their bags smell like the real thing.
  7. yikes, they mentioned the smell? I can't wait to smell my new speedy oh the torture, where is the UPS guy?
  8. fakes = :throwup:
  9. A lot of sites selling fake LVs will use a mixture of pics of real bags and the pics of the fake bags. I've heard stories about this site that looks extremely legit and people have been tricked by the pics and sucked in by the prices...and the fakes they've received looked NOTHING like in the pics!
  10. I am having fake paranoia today, please don't tell me they are based in HONG KONG :cursing:!! See the thread I started "LV Canvas made in China"
  11. sometimes they steal from an outside source who doesn't watermark their pictures basically a bait and switch idea...most fakes come close but there is always a glitch of some sort...or so I've seen..
  12. ekk.
  13. Can you post pics please...I would love to see what they've made of a mirrior fake awful !
  14. All their pics have their website name emblazoned rather largely right across them... I'd post pics but I don't want to say who they are, if you know what I mean.
  15. Can you post some pictures please?
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