Ack! I never want to sell on eBay again!

  1. I have just had the most infuriating interchange with a buyer! I sold her an MC pochette for $225, more than half off of current retail. The bag had some rub-off, which I mentioned, and patina. Now she is emailing me, telling me that the rubbing is more extensive than I described, and that she thinks the bag is worth no more than $175. She then goes on to say that she sells Gucci, and she starts off her auctions at $9.99 or $99, I forget which. The best thing she said, though, what that I led her astray (???) and that I should be ashamed :wtf:.

    She then goes on to say that she looked at completed auctions and that she paid MORE for my "used, used" bag than the brand new, never used bags. I just emailed her back and told her, again, that I described the bag to the best of my ability. I also asked her would she sell a brand new, never used bag for which she paid $570, a bag that NEVER went on sale, for less than two hundred? I have a return policy, so if she is unhappy, she could return it, as long as the tag remains intact.

    Honestly, I might have considered negotiating with her, but her negotiation tactics were so poor (more like accusational tactics and a little bit loony:s) that I just want my bag back.
  2. That sucks, I'm sorry, but what the heck does she expect for less than half of the current retail price?!!! Very upsetting, not a fan of doing anything of ebay, it's just not worth the possible upset....Sorry you had such a bad experience...
  3. seems like there's more and more of these types of people on ebay these days... =(
  4. What a pain, it sounds like she got a great deal and is just trying to work the system to get money back. Can you post a link to the auction?
  5. :cursing: I feel your pain~ I am selling COACH bags and I was e-mailed "FYI- Coach never made a bag in that color- FAKE"
    I was so $i%s#D~ I e-mailed them back stating to do research before accusing a person of fraud because COACH makes certain bags just for the outlets and to check the drilldown site~

    Just let her return it minus selling charges? Possibly?
  6. Bleah...what a PITA....hopefully she'll own up to her bid..
  7. Well- your kinda stuck because you have a return policy~ I don't offer a return policy except nonauthentic proof. I have been burned before~ I am sorry for your trouble...I feel you were honest in your listing. She has buyer's remorse...Not fair.:cursing:

  8. Yeah, I decided to be nice this time and look where it gets me!

    Other than this :upsidedown: buyer, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Oh well, a lesson learned.

  9. Yeah, it looks like she is a loon :upsidedown: there are too many out there on ebay. I think I would just accept the return and move on. Sorry though, what a pain. I added her to my blocked bidders list.
  10. I might be a PIA iabout it and when she files her dispute clearly tell paypal you described everything in detail and took photos. They may side with you and then you're not out shipping fees, etc.
  11. Oh my gosh...snorks're princess! I was the one emailing you about the graffiti pochette! Such a small world!
  12. I'm so sorry about your incident with this buyer!!! Ebay is just a scary place to do business, even if you're getting/selling the real deal...ppl try to low ball you and get away with paying you as little as posible.

    that buyer is on crack, the rub off is only at the bottom and not even bad. It is bound to happen on MC especially the bottom. And I've seen used MC key cles go higher than $175 for that tiny lil thing, no way u can buy a pochette at that price. $225 is a smokin deal. don't give her any partial refund, if she wants to return it then have her pay for shipping and insurance for it.
  13. :lol: Were you the one I outbid before?
  14. oh i just noticed that you started your graffiti pochette at $175, so she's thinking that she can get the MC pochette for that price too.