Ach, saw the worst thing today

  1. I saw a lady with an 'LV' purse that was a hybrid of both damier and monogram:tdown: half of the purse was in mono canvas while the other was in damier, trust me it was hideous
  2. eww.
  3. I saw a lady today with a bag and from behind I thought it was a Le Tal in a burgundy/plum colour and then she turned around and instead of the plate and lock it had a big bow.
  4. :yucky:
  5. ew. a mix of BOTH?
    that is way too much!
  6. LOL that sounds highly unattractive!
  7. Gross!
  8. Yuck!
  9. ...Speechless...
  10. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  11. lol, that made me laugh
  12. wow! half of me was laughing and half of me was in shock trying to picture it.
  13. Don't picture it, you might go blind
  14. Ew! Wait...What? How?
  15. lol :sick: :tdown: