according to a Maxim Magazine

  1. article from February 2007 on how to save money, the writers suggest buying your significant other a fake/replica bag...and then give a replica website which sells faux chanel among other things.:wtf: I can't find it online, but it is definitely in print in the issue that is on stands now.

    (below,taken from website)

    the site they recommend is

    they also advocate buying a faux Rolex submariner from as well as fake golf clubs.

    Cash Money

    Follow our program and avoid being the 70-year-old trainee at Hardee’s
    removed sites as we don't allow them
  2. I am speechless that a article in a legitimate publication (well, as legit as you can be for something that mostly half naked girls) would advocate such a thing! GRRRRRR....

    Oh, and any guy who gives his girlfriend a fake bag deserves to be kicked to the curb! :yucky:
  3. That is appalling. Maxim certainly isn't known for it's top quality journalism, but that's pure bad taste.:cursing:
  4. I don't think we're allowed to link to counterfeits. I'm not 100% sure though.

    I agree w/ armcandy..If someone gives me a fake..see ya! If you can't afford the real deal buy me a bag from Target or something.
  5. That's just so wrong !!!!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  6. ITA! :yes: :yucky:
  7. This is just awful!
    Those with significant others should make clear to him/her that buying us fake anything is NOT ok.
  8. why would they think that a girl would accept a fake bag in the first place?? is that suppose to be a joke? that would be so insulting. oh happy bday babe, here's a fake lv bag. i mean is that story suppose to be if you want to save money AND break up w/ your gf, buy her a fake bag? so ridiculous. i really hope no guy is gonna follow that.
  9. On the flip side:
    January issue of Company Magazine has an article in it about fake bags on eBay and how to avoid getting scammed! Hurrah to Company!
    Boo Hiss to Maxim, what a pathetic excuse for journalism.
  10. Appauling!
  11. WTF!!!! That's true love for you. Not to mention a perfect way to humiliate your girlfriend in front of all of her friends, coworkers, and every shop employee she encounters.
  12. oops! had no idea!
  13. Fake gift = fake relationship.
  14. You said it Perfectly:yes:
  15. ewww!