Accidental purchase

  1. Went to my local H today and got all caught up in the shopping. I feel absolutely awful considering that my DH just bought me my Ostrich Birkin less than a week ago. First they let me put in a SO for podium. I was sooo happy about it that I just bought an H belt. I am having total buyers remorse. I luv the belt I just feel sooooo bad. Please tell me that this belt is a staple for your wardrobe. I got the Black and Gold H belt with Pladium hammered hardware.

    I must add that I never buy myself anything pricey, my husband indulges me and I feel so guilty for doing this on my own
  2. Depending on your wardrobe, your new belt can definitely be a great staple! But that really depends on what you wear and if you feel you will get much use out of it.

    Honestly - don't feel bad. Just decide if you want to keep it or not and if no - just take it back. No harm done.

    BTW, congrats on your SO order!!!
  3. Yes, if you really feel bad you can always return it and get a store credit.

    I own a few of these belts, and I love them, but that's just me and I think the use you may have of it pretty much depends on your wardrobe.
  4. Thank you ladies for your input
    Funny ending to my story. First I must say that my DH thought it was funny that I was freaking out over a 500.00 belt. Well he got home and wanted to see the belt. He knew that I was hell bent on returning it out of guilt. He made me try it on and then her proceeded to rip off the tag. He then took it off me and bit the belt(yes I said bit the belt) and looked at me and said "now you can't return it". I just had to laugh. I now own a beautiful H belt with the slightest teeth marks in it. GOTTA LOVE HIM.
  5. Okay, and I OFFICIALLY ask this: Does your husband have a brother? Half brother? Father? Uncle? Something....
  6. I mean, you just can't loose such good genes...There must be something that can be done:jammin::roflmfao:
  7. your husband is awesome!

    and the H belt is an absolute will find yourself using it quite often! enjoy it and your bags!!!
  8. Forgot to say that today I freaked out over 80euros of purchases at H&M (that I put in miss 40cm box birkin on my way home obviously)
  9. Mr FleurDeLis is hilarious. You're a very lucky woman to have a man who loves you so dearly. I can tell he is a very intelligent man by the way you describe him.

    CONGRATULATIONS! You got a new belt. The colour combo is very sought after where I am. And always hard to find. Is it epsom or box?

  10. You are a 'very' lucky woman!.....:yes:
  11. Whoa your belt sounds beautiful and your husband is a true gem... lucky you!!!!
  12. I was all ready to say the belt is a great, classic staple... But are a fortunate lady! A great belt and a fabulous, understanding, supportive is very, very good! : )
  13. What a sweet story and so is your husband. What a sweetheart!! We need pics!! Both of the belt and the teethmarks, lol.
  14. Awww, how adorable! You were definitely MEANT to have this belt! Congrats!!!!:smile:
  15. That is just such a funny little story about your husband and the faint teeth marks. I have a feeling this will be one of your favorite H pieces! :smile: