Accessorizing Damier?

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  1. So I'm wondering what would look best on Damier. I'm getting a Damier Speedy 25, and I want to "dress her up a little." Since I work at Coach I was thinking of getting an "L" and a "V" initial charm because the new ones in fall are coming out with brass hardware that would match the Damier.

    But what colors and styles of charms/keyfobs/etc look good with damier?

    If you've got pics, post them!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. My suggestions:
    -Pomme Inclusion Speedy
    -Pomme Vernis Cles
    -MC Pastilles Key Holder
  3. I've been thinking a pomme vernis cles would look AMAZING on it!
  4. I put a pomme vernis cles on mine and it's beautiful.
  5. i just use my Inclusion Speedy keychains and my Pomme d'Amour Coeur. Damier goes with pretty much anything, really

    and have you seen this?
  6. red and pink look great.

    here is my saleya with a coach ponytail scarf


    and with red pastilles key ring

  7. I have a Juicy cherries charm on my Damier Speedy. The red is a really nice "pop" of color on it.
  8. Maybe I'm not totally :borg: assimilated yet-- over $200 for a keyring still makes me cringe. I'm so jealous of yours though!

    I have a million Coach ponytail scarves... I think that could help!
  9. I'm thinking my pinky-bronze Dior Summer Play cube might look good on it?
  10. juicy couture makes a bunch of really cute charms you could attach to your speedy.
  11. i think any pastilles looks nice. i can't wait to get a bigger damier bag so i can put my multicolor pastilles my mom and dad brought back for me from scottsdale because i think it looks nicest on those bags.
  12. i put my pomme vernis flat pouch on my monogram keepall 45 and it looks SO CUTE. i did it so i wouldn't have to carry it too but i thought after i put it on there that it looked really good. lol.
  13. I agree that red goes very nicely with Damier.
  14. My damier speedy with fleurs keyholder :biggrin:
  15. I'd go with a Pomme or Bleu Inclusion Speedy.