Accessories for whiskey Ali

  1. Ok so I'm stil stalking eBay for the leather wristlet (40708) but most of them are charging full retail price (which the San Marcos outlet has two, one on hold for me but it's a 3hr drive so I'm thinking is the gas even worth it should I just pay the retail price for it).

    I called JAX they don't even have that as a color option anymore so no luck there.

    I just wanted suggestions on other wristlets or things like that (maybe I'll breakdown and buy a wallet but they're almost as much as the bag!!!) that would go with it. I like the legacy stripe but I know that material gets dirty/snags, etc so I guess that would be a last resort.

    Any suggestions?
  2. how about black? That would match nicely as well as match other bags.. that or some other color that would look nice and pop with anything else too? I agree the gas would be a killer for that long of a drive. Sorry!!!!
  3. I was fortunate in that I already had a whiskey legacy french wallet and a british tan wristlet when I got my Ali, so those are what I use. The british tan is very very close in color to the whiskey - dont know if there are any of those on eBay. I also agree with Fields in going in the opposite direction of matching and getting somthing to add a nice pop of color, since its a pretty neutral color bag.
  4. I have been looking for the same wristlet in black, mama!! I agree that the prices are not that great on eBay right now, but I'm another hour and a half away from the San Marcos outlet than you are. I cannot wait until they build the outlet up here in Allen, I will be much happier but also much poorer. :smile:
  5. What about the tattersall wristlet, that would look cute
  6. Most the wristlets are going for $99ish (which that's retail right?). I mean I don't mind paying it I suppose just stinks that the outlet's have them for 1/2 price. I called Orlando and they have 21 of them (my brother lives there) but I forgot they moved 2hrs away from there LOL.

    I really do like the legacy stripe I just didn't want anything high maintenance but I might look at some things in the color of the strips (like the blue or pink) and see if I can find a wristlet I like.

    Jess I found a wristlet in black on eBay for BIN $69 with $8 S&H.
  7. I am trying to get some legacy stripe pieces for my ali. I really like the wallet and wristlet. just waiting to find them for a reasonable price
  8. Any legacy color will look nice with all the legacy pieces . . . I use white and also have a stripe wristlet. The stripe is not high maintenance. It is fabric and wipes easier than leather. I've traveled 2hrs to boutique, no sign of an outlet near me!!!! But, when I go, I try to make worth it by running other errands, Costco, target . . . it all depends on how patient you are:girlsigh:
  9. Isn't it like the scarf prints? My ergo scarf hobo was pretty high maintenance but maybe the wristlet wouldn't be so bad since it'll be in my bag?

    Maybe I will make a trip to the outlet. I mean my brother lives like a hr from there and I've got a friend near there lol. Decisions, Decisions.

  10. How about the oxford Legacy stripe wristlet?? I use that as my wallet for all my Legacy pieces. I was going to get the regular Legacy stripe wristlet at first, but I felt the material would be harder to clean. I absolutely love my oxford wristlet and it goes with ALL my Legacy bags!!
  11. do you have a picture??
  12. Was that post directed at me? If so, here's a picture of the oxford stripe wristlet... I also like it because it's bigger than the regular Legacy stripe wristlet so I can get in and out of it a lot easier.
  13. Yes it was :smile:

    I haven't seen those, I'll have to check around for that!
  14. I got mine at the outlet for about $60 something. Regular price here in Hawaii was around $110...
  15. I think maybe if our tax return comes in this weekend and my mom is wanting to go still I may just head to the outlet (like I said it's an hour from my brother's and she was wanting to go anyway) then maybe I can see for myself. If not then maybe I'll find other goodies, I just hate to drive 3hrs for JUST that because it's not worth it IMO when I can get one on eBay.