accck!!! I want this bag so bad!!!!!

  1. LOL I have that in my watchlist too. You going to get it?
  2. its nice, how come its that cheap is that authentic?
  3. ^^ I asked for BIN, oh honey you want it? I'll pass if you want it:yes:
  4. Oh no I was just curious and wasn't sure if it was authentic so was watching it. You get it hon! I'm waiting for a yellow;) :tender:
  5. ^^ I think it's the same bag as mims, LP and varsha has?

    anyhow, I hope the BIN would not be insanely high, otherwise, I will not get it.

    Looks really cute:tender:
  6. It is really cute plus it's brown which I love! Fingers crossed for ya!
  7. Amour, it's not the same bag that we have.
  8. accckk it's not?????? OMG!!!!!:throwup: is this fakeyyy????
  9. Ackkk! Yikes! :wtf:
  10. I don't remember that style having an outer zipper?
  11. yikes, i don't know anything 'bout this bag gals, but i don't know how it could be real for only a $19.99 starting bid :shrugs:
  12. Doesn't it have a reserve? Lots of sellers start an auction really low to generate interest.:graucho:
  13. Yes, it looks like the seller set a reserve for it. I hope it's real in your case, Amour! Good luck!!!
  14. i personally don't like the style. but it's yours to decide.
    go get it if u like it :P good luck