Abt the color Galet

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  1. is galet taupe or a more intense version of argent?
    to me, these 2 are very diff.
    and based on pics i have seen galet look like either of the above in different pics.
    is it a lighting qn or does the color galet really vary
  2. I think galet is predominantly gray, as opposed to a light taupe. It is several shades darker than argent and not as "pure" a gray. It does have a little khaki or tan underlying tone. I think the pictures are taken by different people in different lighting and that accounts for most of the differences in how the color looks. BUT, like a lot of colors, different lots of bags can have a little variation from others, and sometimes giant HW bags look a little different than classic hw bags.

    Noix/walnut, really is taupe.
  3. well, this is where color is really subjective. to me, noix, which i've seen irl, is not taupe at all. it's a light brown.

    galet is really like a "pebble" (the bal name for it also) that you'd find on the beach - taupe-ish. totally different from argent which is a light grey with blue undertones.

    argent has undertones of beige, grey, and in mine, a little green in lights. it's not a pure taupe, but the closest bal has come to a taupe in years. let me see if i can fine the most accurate pic and post it.
  4. the noix i saw irl at balny looked exactly like this. of course, i saw it under artificial lighting, but it can't change *that* much under natural light...unless the dye lots are *really * different. btw, this is chloeglamour's posted pic from cultstatus.

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  5. To the OP, I probably shouldn't have used the word taupe, because the debate always rages as to what that means - grayish brown or brownish gray- or have mentioned noix at all. I have noix and it is clearly in the brown family, all of which is irrelevant to your question.

    Galet, the color you're interested in, is in the gray family predominantly, and I don't think there is any huge dispute about that. It just has other coloration in it, too, like wet cement. It may be a color you have to see in person to get a handle on it.
  6. Thank you! I am buying online and I don't have the chance to buy it in person.
    I came across quite different pics and got confused.

    Didn't know abt the Taupe debtate :P
    I never thought of Taupe being in the brown family though... when i say Taupe I was referring to something like sandstone.

    So it is more of a Grey color than a Sandstone.
    Initially all along I was hoping it was like Sandstone.

    But now I am thinking regardless Galet is really a beautiful color in its own right.

    I guess I have gotten my question more or less answered.

    Thank you!
  7. It is definitely a beige grey, Argent is like a dove grey!

    I wish you well,

  8. i am agree with kobro,NOIX IS NOT AT ALL taupe...it is a sort of light brown(to me similar to truffle 06)...

    galet is very chameleontic:grey with a hint of taupe/green:graucho:
    argent is lighter and it doesn't have any taupe undertones,it is just pure light grey
  9. me too:girlsigh:
    (please see my signature:P)...btw it is very pretty!i love it with ggh:graucho:
  10. My Argent seems to have pink undertones....
  11. Here's a photo of my Galet RH PT. The color is quite true to life. The hardware also changes the color. The SGH/Galet bags look more grey and the GGH/Galet bags look more beige.

    I saw Noix in person today and it's very different. Noix is the color of Ovaltine. Definitely in the brown family, no grey at all. Galet is beigy grey. Argent is completely non-related to Galet or Noix, it's a pale grey.

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  12. I saw Galet IRL, The colour of Yellowmisquito`s pic is quite accurate. Beigy grey !
  13. Thanks people...
    I love Galet more and more...
    But just can't get my hands on it...
  14. hello bal girls,

    are there still any galet out there? or is it already no longer available in the store?
  15. Yes. It's from F/W09, still available. :smile: Although maybe running low on stock soon. :smile: