Absentee Bidding


Sep 1, 2006
I was wondering if anyone has used those absentee bidding services. Are they reliable and do they work by just maxing up your bid? Do they bid up until the last minute? I'm one of those people who likes to bid a hours before the end, and sometimes I just don't get there. Does anyone use these services? Just wondering! Thanks ladies :heart: :yes:
Ebay will proxy bid for you anyway, but the sniping programs are about placing your highest bid seconds before the auction closes so no one else can nibble away and make the price go up, or worse, create a bidding war.

The one I use has messed up a few times, but it works about 95% of the time so I'm happy (it's free). A family member uses a program he paid for, and it's worked perfectly.
It was thanks to this forum that I first became aware of these services and have used Auction Sniper on a trial basis twice now with tremendous success. Definitely a convert.