about using a coin purse

  1. do you use them as an actual wallet like a cles or a mini skinny? i do, i got a kathy van zeeland version of mini skinny for $10 and i like it so much coz i have my keys attached, cash, cards and coins in there and i don't have to use a separate keychain or coin purse. i've had a coach mini skinny too but unfortunately, i didn't know that time how useful they are and i returned them all. so ladies, what do you all use?
  2. I have a Balenciaga Coin Purse that I really do use for Coins :p
  3. i have a louis mono clés. i use it for extra loyalty cards, my own business cards, and a few loonies or quarters
  4. I use one. Mine is pink and made out of faux fur. I was actually planning on getting a new one cause I'm tired of my friends cracking jokes about it.
  5. no not really I hardly carry coins, so my coin purses are strictly decorations,
  6. I try to make it a point to empty all the change out of my wallet when I get home from work each day. I don't really carry a separate coin purse, though. Actually, my husband and I do that and at the end of the year, we have enough change to have a romantic getaway for a few days without having to fork over the bucks. It's just a little game we play. So, the coins don't stay in my wallet for very long....
  7. I use a MJ zippy clutch for my wallet and change. I also have a balenciaga mini coin purse that I use for make-up.
  8. I have a Cole Haan coin purse that I actually use for coins and I use a wristlet (I have a few Cole Haan and Coach) for wallets. I find it usefull to have the wristlet when I'm just quickly nipping outside. I also use one of those leather men's moneyclip and credit card holders in one inside the wristlet to keep everything organized.
  9. I have one stuffed with change and sometimes I use one as a wallet
  10. I don't own a single wallet - just coin purses. I put my money, drivers liscense, debit card, and my student ID in them. I have a separate card holder that holds the rest of my cards/ID's/whatever which is at least 20+ cards. There's no point in me having a wallet b/c I I'd never be able to fit all my cards in there!
  11. have few balenciaga coin purse and mini coin purse.
    i use one for my compact and blush, the other for money and papers, and the small one for cc and coins
  12. i have a lesportsac key/coin pouch that i use to keep coins in, since i always seem to have so much change.