about this white chanel patent tote????

  1. anyone has more info more this bag? such as measurment/price/material(all patent or lambskin with patent trim/any other color ??
    Thanks a lot.
    CCwhitePatentTote-large 3150 usd 011307.jpg
  2. If I'm not wrong this is part of new S/S 2007 collection. It's all patent leather. And the price is $2495 i think?? I KNOW I've seen this bag in the forum.
  3. Hi aimee, the white patent is part of the cruise "timeless classic" collection. I think the size in the pic is the large, here's the info:

    A33789 Y04339 $3150. There's a smaller version for $1825 A33785. I think Chanel, NM, Saks, Nordstrom all carried a version of this bag (i.e. lambskin or patent or caviar) so try contacting the nearest retailer to you for info. It also comes in black, dark navy in the patent leather.

    Hope this helps, good luck w/ ur search!
  4. Oof it's pricey, but so pretty!
  5. Yes!! you're absolutely correct. i felt relieved after reading your reply, goingindebt. it was one of those things that bothered me for not remembering. The East-west tote above is the $3125 one. I love it, but I'm already getting a diamond shine flap that's also east-west.
    The $1825 is the timeless cc tote that's frequently mistaken as the "NEW petit shopping tote" or "new GST" It has rounded edges unlike the petit shopping tote. The size is closer to a petit shopping tote than a GST, which makes the pricing ridiculous (~$800 increase from $1095). Both lovely nonetheless.

  6. I saw that bag in black its beautiful but I thought it was a bit overpriced, so I passed on it.
  7. that bag is gorgeous... wow! this forum is so helpful :love: