about patchwork denim speedy?

  1. Does anyone knows how much is this bag? Is it start put the name on the waitlist if i want to buy?
  2. The pic below is from Stefania's thread... it would be wise to put your name down now on a waitlist. ;)

  3. Says $1050 in the look book, we shall see. My local boutique did take my name for this, so I assume most stores are starting lists.
  4. I find it rather strange that the Pochette Croissant and the Speedy are the same price? :shrugs:
  5. My bf was asking this bag for me in asia, the sales person told him the pricie for this bag will be HK$16000 = US more than US$2000. Well...I think I should go to the store to check it out how much is this bag gonna be?
  6. I have a feeling the prices will change.
  7. That must be a misprint - it can't be the same price as the pochette.
  8. Well I'll be one mad customer if it is more than the look book says. When I called to confirm my position on the list he said it was around $1000 too. Hmmm....maybe I need to give him a call this week.
  9. But it can't be more than the pochette rabat can it? That bag has a huge strap plus the leather strap.
  10. dont worry! maybe it is the pochette that is misprinted!
  11. ooooohhhhh good point birdy! I'll still call and see if they have any more info on it.
  12. The neo speedy is $1450, so I won't be a bit surprised if they change the price.
  13. I really hated this bag at first, but the blue patchwork is really starting to grow on me. Tiggers tell me how hideous this bag is again!
  14. If you know the price.please let me know...Thank you thank you
  15. I called my SA and confirmed that the price is about $1000.