About Nordstrom Rack stock

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  1. Does anybody know how frequently Nordstrom Rack restocks their inventory, particularly thier sunglasses?

    I know each store is different, and the common answer is "tuesdays", but more generally, it seems like this summer Ive noticed after their inventory gets pretty depleted they get a load of fresh stock in...but I wasnt sure if they did that with sunglasses more so because its the summer season, or can I expect there will be just as much stock coming in for the fall months too?

    I let go of a pair of Gucci sunglasses I should have bought when they had lots of great Fendis, Gucci, Valentino, etc, and now theres just junk and Im wondering what I can expect if I wait it out. I live right by the store, so I guess I could stalk. Anyone know?

  2. the nordstrom rack i go to usually gets some new stuff about once a week...not a lot tho. it's kinda gradual that they get a lot of new stuff (if that makes sense)
  3. their new shipment is coming in on the 12th of this month.
  4. The 12th? Thats awesome! Its good to have knowledgeble blogger-pals!! Thanks!

    So I went to Nordstrom Rack today after work and sure enough, there were two carts of sunglasses she was putting up on the racks. The bulk were coach, fendi and michael kors. The coach were black or brown, with the patterned arms, the two styles of fendi were frameless, and also in a black plastic frame with the buckle, and the michael kors were most versatile without too much bling, but unfortunately felt cheap.

    There were also tons of one of a kind styles in versace, cavalli, valentino, juicy, you name it, but by that point I had to get out of there. I ended up at Loehmann's and found a pair of Tom Fords for $41...no joke! So I got my fix for now. Im gonna go brag about that find on another thread...haha!

    I love the Rack! And Loehmanns too!