???? about Hawaii LV, who can help me??

  1. awhile back I heard that someone saw some wallets or something at the LV boutique in Hawaii somewhere that had like hawaii embossment or something like that on the wallets or something. Does anyone have any idea what this is or know which boutique does it?? I am leaving Sat for there and was curious to check this out.

    oh and OT but would very much like to know, how's the weather in Oahu right now?? It has been 110 here the past week and a half and we are in need of some cooler weather ASAP!! :sweatdrop:
  2. Hm, the only thing I know about is our special heatstamp, which could be done to wallets. I'm pretty sure all the boutiques do it, but Ala Moana for sure.

    It's like.. 85 or so... I think. It's pretty much always 85 here.
  3. Here's the heatstamp:


  4. Junkenpo (a member here) got an item heat stamped with the hawaii/hibiscus logo at the Ala Moana store. but i'm sure you can get it done in waikiki as well.
  5. I was just in Oahu last week for 5 days. It was hot to me.
  6. Mm, I just checked.. tomorrow's high is 83. I was close.

    Oops, 83 for where I live... 88 for town :biggrin:
  7. I want that heat stamp!!! It's sooo cool!
  8. hehe,I thought you were saying the heatstamp cost $85 :wtf:.

    so cool 85 is alot better than 110!! BTW, do they charge for that heatstamp?? And how long does it take??

    and can I bring in a wallet for them to heatstamp w/that?? I have a french purse and would love to get it heatstamped!!
  9. It's free.

    It's supposed to take a few days, but if you say you're on vacation and will be leaving they should be able to do it within an hour.
  10. Yep, they will do the Hawaii heatstamp on anything that can be heatstamped... wallets, luggage tags, agendas. I don't think there's a requirement that you have to buy it there to get it stamped there, although I'm not positive as everything I'd had heatstamped was bought there. :smile:
  11. oh cool, I'm so excited!!
  12. :tup: Have fun here!
  13. OMG I love that heatstamp! WOW! It is gorgeous! Lucky you... great weather, great scenery, and great HEATSTAMPS!
  14. I got some things heatstamped two weeks ago and depending on who is working or at lunch it could be done right then and there or would take a couple of hours. In my case the heatstampers were at lunch so I opted to pick up the next day. All you need to do is ask and then let them know you want the Hawaii stamp. I personally don't have anything stamped with it because its not really me but it is cute.

    I would try the AM or Waikiki store. The Hilton store is small so not sure if they do them there.
  15. I ahve had it done at Waikiki!!! If you visit Waikiki I can give you then name of some GREAT SA's - PM me if you want their names!!