Abnoxious H Staff


Je Aime Vuitton
Nov 15, 2006
Hi well first of all I wanted to say hi! I'm new to this forum we'll atleast the H forum I spend much of my time at the LV one well anyway I been meaning to post this for a wille, well about a month ago I went to atlanta for a trip and whent to the mall to find myself an ipod holder so first stop was the fabolous house of hermes so I came in the boutique glanced around and confronted one of the sa' since all 3 of them totally ignored me because they were too busy bulgary chatting so I asked one of the sa's, male, kindly excuse me do you have any ipod holders? And he sarcasticly looked and answered me with an obious fake french tone No! We here at hermes do not keep up with that sorth of things and lagued! Ugh so I said thank you and walked out.
Later to learn on my men's vogue magazine subscription in an article that hermes infact makes an ipod holder in beautifull tan togo leather I put a smile on my face as soon as I saw it not because I was right but because I tought on getting it! Well next time I go to atlanta I'm taking my magazine and confront the clueless sa's or manager and request it again and when they say they don't make one I will prove them wrong and ask them to order one haha that just proves that some of us pfer' sometimes know more than snnoby sa's...

P.S. I will post a picture of the magazine when I get home, I have to scan it first...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I bought a bag from that store and they were wonderful. I had to do it by phone and I spoke with three people (long story) and each and every one was really awesome. I really just couldn't get over how nice they were. They sent me pictures of bags and emailed them to me and tried scarves on the bags and took pictures for me to choose. Perhaps give them another chance to wow you.
OH Dear........I've always had lovely service from the staff in Atlanta....by phone, of course but they are very kind every time I call. And I never seem to get the same SA......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

So sorry you had such a lousy experience, latinmalemodel.....hopefully, next time will be better for you......
Thank you all for the comments I guess people act differently pover the phone I can say this because I worked in costummer service before and even when I was bloody mad I always answered with a kind welcomming and suttle tone but in person they look at you up and down and decide if you are worthy of their service anyway that's not gonna stop me from buying hermes specially since its like the only store close to me but I will defenetly go back and demand my ipod holder and will post pictures for you guys to see!
Thanx again...
That has happened to me at LV!:lol: ...Alot of SA's think they know EVERYTHING! My Hermes SA said that swift is only used for 25cm Birkins! 2 days ago!!!!:shrugs:
That has happened to me at LV!:lol: ...Alot of SA's think they know EVERYTHING! My Hermes SA said that swift is only used for 25cm Birkins! 2 days ago!!!!:shrugs:

French Hermes SA in Dubai told me that Paris-bombay is one size only!!! lol i told her but i saw the Ad in magazine there's a bigger one.. she goes " no we make it look long in the ad" :cursing:i wanted to tell her she's wrong but didn't want to ruin my relation with the boutique!
Its true. The PFers no so much more than many of the SAs. I've had it happen in Channel a few times too. However that superiority complex that that SA had is unforgiveable. I always think of that scene in Pretty Woman when the SAs in a Rodeo Drive shop don't help Julia Roberts then she goes back with all the bags "....Big Mistake..."
So sorry to hear about your nasty experience...but glad you were not put off the brand totally by the rude service (or lack thereof). It would be sad if a rude SA puts someone off the brand forever, coz it won't be fair. Good luck in your search!!
Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
Please take a minute and drop a note to the management or Hermes USA. The behaviour you experienced is very un-Hermes but unfortunately it does happen every now and again.
I am sure that the shop manager will not be very happy to hear that business was obstructed that day by somebody on his payroll.
Hope you get that iPod holder, the ones I've seen were TDF!!!
Let's just say atl sa is known to be like that UNLESS you are a potential big H customer...

The day I walked in with my birkin... the difference in service is like night and day...