~ * ABC's The Glass House * ~

  1. So it doesn't air on TV until Monday? I will watch at least the first episode to see how it compares to BB.
  2. yep. my feeds didn't work yesterday. i hope they do today because my boss is gone so i can actually listen to them. yesterday they asked each HG what their biggest regret in life was.
  3. Wait where can I watch? How much are feeds????
  4. feeds are free IF they work for you. today they again didnt work for me. not idea why they worked tuesday but didn't work yesterday or today.
    go to the glass house page on abc.com and then click on 'view and vote'. the feeds just automatically start when they're scheduled. which is 3-4pm EST tues/wed/thurs.

    there were also suppose to be feeds 11 pm-3am monday but that's no longer listed on the feed schedule.

    they're just playing stupid games and trivia questions.
  5. So what day exactly did the feeds start? Monday?
  6. they started this week. they were suppose to start on monday but they cancelled that. so officially they started on tuesday but they only broadcast the feeds an hour tues/wed/thur. 3-4pm EST.
    the first episode of this show is this monday.
  7. and the lawsuit with CBS is still going on too.
  8. first episode is tonight!! in about 30 min.
  9. kinda bored
  10. ^^ Yes, not sure how I feel about the first episode. I'm sure it'll pick up. The first challenge was interesting, but I noticed right off the bat that you didn't need to know the answers, the lines are only going to line up one way. I love how they vote though!
  11. Not sure if I like it or not. Alex is already annoying
  12. Yeah. I am not sure if I will stick around past the third episode. I most certainly am not willing to participate in the feeds.

    One thing that I know for certain is that I am voting that asshat Alex out of the house. Villian does not equal rude. The best villians are those that play the game strategically and with some degree of charm. What he is doing is neither charming or strategic.
  13. alex being a complete idiot at least added some excitement to the episode. he went a little too nuts with it though. he needs to tame is WAAAAAAAAAAY back and not be a complete a-hole to everyone. that gets you no where.

    the other guy that left with him into "limbo" quit. he didn't even last a week. lol
  14. apollo kinda irritates me too. no strategy at all. well i guess his strategy is to have no strategy.
  15. Exactly. One of my favorite villans on BB was Dr. Will because he was strategic and played the game well. This guy was just obnoxious and rude. Trying to become the "best reality show villan ever" on purpose never works.

    The game they played was never explained well.

    I also laughed when the girl asked if Arie was still on the Bachelorette. Gotta love ABC and their cross-promotion.