~*ABC's of Animal Breeds*~

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  1. Any animal will do....cats, fish, dogs, horses, elephants, badgers...!!!

    I'll start:

    A - Arabian horses
  2. B - Boxer dogs :love:
  3. C-Chihuahua
  4. D - Devon Rex cat
  5. E - Elephant
  6. F - Frogs
  7. Grasshopper
  8. H - Haddock
  9. H - Hyper dog :roflmfao: (just kidding!)

    H - Himalayan cat
  10. I - Ibis
  11. J - Jaguar
  12. K - Komondor (dog breed)
  13. L - Lhasa Apso (woof woof!)
  14. ^^Yer new avatar is precious!

    M - Manx cat
  15. N - newfoundland dog