Abbey Medium Shoulder Bag color?

  1. Hey ladies, I'm still a Gucci virgin, but I've had my eye on the Abbey medium shoulder bag (Lingotto?) with the white trim for a while now... :love: Well I was just wondering... is the white trimming too summer-ish? Would it look out of place during Fall/Winter? And also, for any owners, how does the canvas hold up against dirt and stains? I was thinking of maybe just getting the brown, but I really really love the white trimming and I just wanted your opinions before I decided on anything definite... :shrugs:
  2. I love the white trim. I actually just bought a new britt' medium hobo with white trim. I also live in Los Angeles where we don't really have "seasons" Today it is nice and Sunny and feels like it is in the low 70's when I was just outside a few minutes ago. I wear/carry "summer" styles year round.

    Go for the white...
  3. I wish it was like that here in Florida.I tried carrying a white bag when it first turned winter here and people looked at me crazy.I wish I could wear summer bags year around,lol.
  4. I wear white all year round.. I have 4 white winter coats! So I think it's ok to wear it :smile:
  5. the abbey is a great bag and the canvas actually is pretty durable. my son has spilled something on mine before and it kinda just rolled off and didn't damage the bag at all and no stains whatsoever.
  6. Thank you so much for replying! I think I will get the white trim... and if I feel weird, it just gives me reason to buy another bag... it's a win-win situation!:yahoo:hehe
  7. EXACTLY!!!!! Total Win-win situation. I bet you will have that "weird feeling" very soon, just so you HAVE to buy another bag :graucho:
  8. Well make sure you post pics as soon as you get it.
  9. The brown canvas and white trim combo is my favourite!! And the abbey is so pretty...can't wait to see pics of your new bag! :yes: