abaete for payless

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  1. i've never set foot in a payless in my life, but i am a huge huge fan of abaete :love: and these shoes look beautiful online.....what do you think?


    i really like the pump and the boot, but at those prices i'm wondering just how comfortable these shoes will be and if they'll fall apart after a few wears :wtf::confused1::Push:
  2. Those are cute! I was thinking of checking them out too haha.
  3. I like the pump--I think that it would probably stand up to at least a season of use--maybe not years of use
  4. I really wanted a pair of boots from the fall collection but never ordered them. as far as winter collection, spotted them during Thanksgiving at a payless store! they look quite cute IRL but I liked fall collection a lot more (and the payless I stopped at did not have the winter boots:crybaby: )
    it might be a good inexpensive solution to matching shoes and a bag for holiday parties
  5. I like the pump. I will have to check them IRL.
  6. believe it or not, payless shoes are usually comfy...(i buy them all the time for special occasions when i can't justify pricier shoes).

    and for the price, if i do wear them more than once, i know i won't be devastated if they fall apart. of if my dog chews them up (stupid ruby...you're cute, but dumb)
  7. apparently payless has a buy one and get one half price event going on right now....which means if i got the boots, the pumps would only be $12.50 :yahoo:

    and uhkiwi the pumps and bag are soooo cute together you're so right

  8. I am in shock right now...I CANNOT BELIEVE these are at Payless...they are so..cute!!! I have nothing against Payless, but am just not used to their stuff looking so upscale!
  9. WOW- Those boots are sooo cute!
  10. What shoes and boots are we talking about? I don't see any pics or links anywhere
  11. just for fun, i was at the mall yesterday and managed to find my size in this style. i tried on the pumps and they were actually really cute in person and extremely comfortable. i would have bought them for my office holiday party if they'd had the green in my size.
  12. I'm going to payless this very afternoon to check these out, cute!
  13. Im running to Payless now. :yes: They are really cute, i hope that they look cute IRL too. However, im a little iffy a/b the quality thou.
  14. i went to the payless near me and they didnt' have any of these shoes i was so sad :Push: but once finals are over i'll have the time to check out different paylesses in my area :shame: so i can try them on....or i could just order them they're so cheap if guess it doesn't relaly matter if i don't absolutely love them :yes:
  15. although the styles are really nice and they are extra comfy, they are made with this weird faux suede. they would be so hot if they were real suede because the styling is so elegant.