Aaneta ?

  1. I'm looking for a bag for my sister's BD & am on a budget. I found this Aaneta Theresa on ebay
    It looks really nice but I've never seen an Aaneta IRL. Can some of you who have Aaneta bags let me know about the qaulity of the bag & leather ? Also, I'm thinking that since it's not one of the "it" brands (like fendi, chloe, prada, etc) it's probably not a fake. I saw a Shih satchel that was really cute, too. Any opinions or other suggestions ? She wants a brown satchel-ish everyday purse with a little zing. I can spend $100 - $200 but if it's really fabulous, I could go as high as $250. (I know it's not much but between sales, grechen codes & ebay, I should be able to find something nice.) Thanks !
  2. I have 4 Aaneta bags, I love them Very nice quality and leather, and the lining is usually a bright pink or neon green. Look them up on fengjunk.com, there were a couple on sale plus code GRECHEN gets another 20% off.
    Lovely bags!
  3. Thanks !
  4. Its cute
  5. I was at the Nordstrom 1/2 yearly the other day and they had both Aaneta and Shih on the table...though Aanetas are beautiful and the leather nice, it isn't the softest ever (firm & pebbley). Shih was a smushier leather and the bags seem to be more slouchy...so I guess it depends on what you prefer- though both seemed good quality!
  6. I have to Aaneta bags which I love, the Cleopatra and Venus Clutch and they're holding up well, though I've been very gentle with them. The leather isn't super soft, but it's not stiff either. I think it's good quality leather and the insides are great colors! I also LOVE that the key fob on my Cleopatra is long enough that I don't have to take my keys out when I get to the door. :yahoo:
  7. Thanks betnyp - that's exactly the kind of info I needed. I've been obsessing for days! I've looked @ so many bags, my head's swimming & I can't remember which bag I saw on which site! I think I'll go down to Nordstrom's tomorrow. All the good stuff will probably be gone but maybe I'll finally make up my mind. I keep wavering between getting her something somewhat traditional like Cole Haan or Michael Kors or getting her something a bit more unique. I just got a Hayden-Harnett Havana that I just LOVE. I'd get her an HH but none of their bags (that I can afford) fit her specifications - brown, satchel-ish, fairly short handle drop, not too big or too small & she likes EW more than NS (you can see what I've gotten myself into!). Anyway, thanks for the info, any other suggestions would be very welcome!
  8. Ooops - forgot to add "thanks" to all for the info on Aaneta bags. It sounds like they're good quality bags & since she's the mother of an active 5 yr old boy, the firmer leather would probably be better than a soft, more delicate leather. (I think I'm way over-thinking this one!) but then, I do really love the "funkiness" of the Shih.... Anyway, thanks ! Any suggestions on bags I might be overlooking would be greatly appreciated.
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  10. Passerby - Thanks -you always give such great suggestions. I'd seen the Hype bags but for some reason, I thought it was an "inspired" brand & never really paid attention to them. I have no idea where I got that idea but I'm glad you corrected my misimpression. I love the styling - they're all really cute. I'm still unsure. She has a very high profile but modestly paid job with a non-profit (written up in the NYTimes, no less!), is a single mother & is in a doctoral program. She does so much but not much for herself. She's been carrying the same Target purse for nearly a year! I really want to make sure & get the absolute best bag for her that I can - she deserves a GREAT bag ! All of the suggestions I'm getting are really expanding my options & the info really helps - especially with bags that I haven't seen IRL. I'm going to go sleep on it & resume the hunt in the morning. Any more info you'd like to pass on would be much appreciated. Thanks, again!
  11. I have the maxima bag and the olga bag. I have pics holding them in my showcase thread. The leather is pretty nice for the price. The maxima bag is pretty similar to the one you're looking at.