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  1. [​IMG]


    I like this first 1
  2. Not really feeling these too much. The second one reminds me of a Be & D.
  3. I like the 1st one. Kinda vintage feel to it. I like! I like!
  4. I sell the Aaneta bags. They are gorgeous. The one on top is called the Cleopatra bag. It's leather is absolutely wonderful. Check out my store. It's called DesingersLA.com. Thanks, Anna
  5. I really like the first bag - looks like you could use it as a school bag, and it has a neat vintage feel.
  6. hey girls, i just spotted some aaneta bags at this website called feng junk accessories for 15% off (use the code "fall05" 15 off anything they carry)! i just ordered the andrea brueckner saddle bag from this site and was very happy with my order. there aren't too many sites out there that offer discounts in the begining of the season.
  7. I like the 1st! That faded blue hue goes with almost any kinda jeans.
  8. Being the Balenciaga fan that I am, I love the MOTORCYCLE Bag! Any discounts for us Purse Blog members?!?! Hee Hee ... :nuts: