Aaarrghhh!! Bad evening!!

  1. URRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I am sitting at the light, 2 blks away from home after doing laundry.. minding my own business, then suddenly this girl who is turning the corner just ploughs right through my car. My freaking car is TOTALLY messed up. On the driver side from front all the way to the back!!!!!!!! I can open the door just enough to squeeze out. AAAARGGGH..!

    She's under 21, driving someone else's car and said she'd pay for the damages herself!!! WTF!! But.. I'm not going to worry abt that right now... insurance company said they will send an adjuster out 2morrow and he will tell me my options.. I WILL BE PISSED IF I END UP PAYING FOR THIS MYSELF!!!! :rant:
  2. Oh, gosh! So sorry that happened to you. The person who's car she was driving may also be liable for paying for your damages. Certainly you shouldn't have to pay!
  3. There's no way you should have to pay any of the damages except for a deductible - ? That girl was clearly at fault. Glad you are not injured!
  4. did you get her number? license? info stuffs?
  5. WTF?!?! What an idiot! I'd be so :censor: pissed.

    Did you file a police report and get her insurance information? You should file a claim with her insurance company, since it was her fault. If they're a decent insurance carrier, they'll send an adjuster out to look at your car, tell you where to take it for repairs and pay for the damages. If you need a rental, they should cover that, too. Don't let her get away with not paying anything. You should not have to go through your insurance and have your premium raised because of something that was clearly someone else's fault. I just went through this 6 months ago, it's fresh in my mind :Push:

    Just wanted to add that I'm sorry that this happened to you! I hope you feel better soon and that things are resolved quickly :smile:
  6. When my husband was hit by a non insured driver here in the Dallas area, our insurance covered it, but we had to pay our $250 deductible. I still didnt think that was fair, but it was better than having to foot the entire repair bill, which was about $5K
  7. The person who let her drive the car assumes the insurance liability in case of an accident. Do it all thru the insurance. Glad you are ok!!
  8. Thanks guys!
    Christina-- she has no insurance and was driving someone else's car and didn't think it should go on her friend's insurance so she said she'd pay. Hope she is sincere abt it. I'm assuming since she said it wouldnt be fair for her friend to pay she ALSO means it's not fair for ME to pay so... hoping the adjuster/insurance company can get a hold of her. I took down ALL her info... and if they don't find her.. I'll go knocking on her door!!! She lives a couple blocks away from me! :rant:
  9. I am pretty sure that in TX the car owner must pay. Regardless of who was driving. You should not report this to your company as a claim--only use them to help you contact the at fault parties company. If you go thru your company you may not be able to get the $$ back from her.
    Good luck.
  10. May I make a suggestion? Call and make a police report ASAP. Tell them you were so shook up you forgot to call. She DOES NOT get to decide if her friends insurance pays or not. Any idiot who has no insurance and is driving someone elses car and hits you is NOT going to pay out of pocket for this damage. Make a police report, call your insurance, and let wheels turn...
  11. give her the benefit of the doubt for a few days. she could be sincere and not want to put her friend [or you] out the money. she clearly KNOWS it is her fault, and since she lives close to you.. she cant hide!

    grr! haha

    good luck, im sure it'll work out..
  12. Kahlua - Sorry, I can't specifically remember how the laws for auto insurance work in Texas but in California, insurance always follows the vehicle first, the driver second. So, even though she is not insured, if the vehicle is you should be covered.
  13. did you file a Police report? You HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU first.
    File that report immediately!
  14. Second in saying file a police report immediately. My best friend was in a accident and the person said they would pay for damages and they backed out and then tried to say they never hit her car and got their car repaired so no damages were noticable. It was one big mess. It was a person without a license driving their Mom's car. Everyone lied and my friend was the one running around trying to get things worked out. Don't worry about the other person---the person who owns the car should have insurance and that is their problem.
    Good luck.