aaargh! eluxury is @#!$% me off!

  1. I am trying to buy a classic monogram billfold for my bro and i've tried 3 times to place the order and have called them three times and they have three times been useless!!! then one lady told me I HAD TO save my cc info online to purchase (which I never have before and have made plenty of purchases) but reluctantly i did and now the order still hasn't gone through and they won't erase my cc info! wtf?!

    this has never been this hard before...what happened?! and now i'm worried i'm going to be charged 3 times for the same item.
  2. I have never had to save my cc in their system. Sometimes it has taken several days for the order to process. Be patient...I think it will go through.
  3. i've never had to save my cc info on elux either, and i've made several purchases from their website without any problems
  4. sorry to hear that. i ordered a bh on tuesday and received it today..
  5. hmmmm... maybe wait, and see if it got charged three times?
  6. I noticed that they're mptas quick as you.d takes a few days, unless you have a purchase overnighted. I also ordered online, so it might be different.
  7. They can't process an item over the weekend which is what they told me last time. And I elect not to leave my info online.
  8. does the rep mean you have to enter your CC number on the web page? It's a standard i suppose, you will be ask to enter CC number, exp date, verification number, name, and matching billing address when you make your first purchase, after that, the system can recall all the info, except you still have to enter verification code evertime you charge on CC, it's done so to avoid re enter all the info everytime you make a purchase. hope this clear up some confusion?
  9. You're not the only tPFer whose had a problem with their checkout today.

    Just try again tomorrow.
  10. Why couldn't you just order thru Eluxury by phone, I always do it that way. I have never had a problem and have even asked them for catalogs and they sent them with my orders.
  11. Sorry that happened to you...hang in there..
  12. are you ordering online from the US? I've had a prob like that one time before because even though I have a US address and a US cc, online orders must come from a US-based computer. Their system screens ip addresses to be from the US.:smile: so i just asked my mom to be the one to do it from there.