Aaaarrghhh! Spy is falling apart!

  1. I have had my honey spy less than a week, I LOVE it and had it with me today as I was shopping. I did not have much in it, just my make up bag, purse, and the usual things like tissues and the like. Anyway, I was sitting down when I noticed that the leather on the braided handle has already started peeling off! I thought I was seeing things so asked my boyfriend (who was with me) to take a look. He spotted it straight away and said that it will probably get worse.

    Has anyone had this problem? I am very gentle with the bag and have only used it a few times. I am furious that it has started peeling and yet I am worried about contacting fendi due to the bad service I have had with them regarding getting my spy. Will they change it? I dont want to part with this one because the leather is so perfect, it is just the handle that seems to be peeling. Help!
  2. If you haven't had the bag more than a week, def. return it for a new one! Thankfully, I haven't had that problem with my spy bags
  3. It's typical, that I finally get a perfect one and then this happens! I cant risk taking it out again until this is fixed as I dont want it to get damged any further.
  4. oh yeah! you should def return the bag for another one. It's too expensive to be giving you that kind of drama!! :yes: good luck!!
  5. There was a thread about this awhile ago... The same thing happened to mine.. it's in the inner part where the handles touch. I've had it less than a week when i noticed it and no matter how you hold it, the top part of the braided handles are going to rub together. I brought it to BG and they said it's because the leather on the handles are rubbing together causing it to peel off. I spoke to two SAs about this and they've seen the same thing, but says it doesn't spread. I have the honey wisteria so I think it's more noticeable on the honey. But maybe it might be a good idea to bring it into Fendi and ask them if it's normal and see what they say. Let me know what happens too because I only asked the SAs at BG and that's what they told me. I still have my spy.. I love it too much.

    OK here's the other thread talking about this:
  6. I say bring it back to Fendi. They should be able to help. I've seen them "healing" really broken-into-pieces spy bags.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I have just rang fendi and the SA said that this happens to all spys because of the leather. She said that it is MEANT to happen to give the bag an 'aged' look?! :hrmm: I have told her that I am not happy with the fact that this has happened after less than a week and the outcome is, if it gets worse I can send it back to them and they will repair the handle.

    After paying so much for this bag the last thing I want is a grubby, peeling handle. It will look awful! :flowers:
  8. Say it isn't so!!!! Poor you... Are you bringing it back?
  9. let us know how everything turns out....

    good luck~!
  10. I didn't have a problem with peeling handles, but I have had my share of problems with Spy bags, so I feel your pain! I'd had my hologram Spy only a few days when I noticed that the bronze was peeling off to reveal the turquoise. Luckily Fendi gave me more than a 75% refund on it. I also got a cognac Spy, and it is faulty as well. The mirrored latch will not stay closed, so I have had to put a clear rubberband around it to keep it shut. The leather shows a great amount of wear around the edges and has turned a much lighter color than the rest of the bag.

    I still love Spy bags, but in my limited experience with Fendi (the two Spy bags are my only Fendi purchases) I must say that I am all but impressed with the quality of the product.

  11. Oh my goodness!!
    Why did Fendi only give you 75% refund on the hologram when you only got it for a few days and this happened? They should give you a 100% refund or a new bag!!

    And what's the issue with Cognac? I am about to get one and I'm so afraid of the disoloration problem. When did you buy it?
  12. Yikes! If your real ones are falling apart, I wonder how the ones from Sam's club are holding up?!
  13. :amuse:
  14. I returned mine for patches of discoloration. If your leather is peeling off, I suggest u head down to the boutique straight away.

    Slight differences in the leather color is normal cos of the dying process but if the discoloration is very obvious then it's time to get it changed.
  15. I am telling you, I can remember in the early 90's. Fendi's had a problem with poor contruction then. They would fall apart in no time. It doesn't surprise me at all that some of the Fendi's you are buying are showing early wear and tear. This is not the first time that I have heard of this. This stopped me from buying Fendi's then. Sorry!!!!! I almost had a weak moment and thought that I may buy one.:crybaby: