a yellow burberry bag

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  1. i am hoping someone here might be able to help me. i just received a new burberry bag for christmas. it was bought at a new burberry outlet store around here. i am just wondering what season it is from!

    a big tote bag
    bright yellow
    most of the bag is some shiny material in yellow
    the trimmings are in dark brown leather
    big pocket in the frong with a leather type of drawstring tied in a bow
    the burberry logo is at the top center with gold lettering on dark brown leather
    the inside in the trademark burberry plaid
    it has lots of pockets inside
    retailed at $495

    it's a very lovely bag and i adore it so because yellow is my favorite color and big bags are all i'll use! i hope someone hear has the answer! i tried googling it but that was no help.
    thank you!!
  2. Do you have pics?