A Violet addition to my small family!

  1. My new addition finally arrived this morning

    The bag is PERFECT!:drool:

    Was only able to take a few shots of her and with the rest of the gang because I immediately had to put my stuff in and use it for the rest of the day!:p
    IMG_5861.JPG IMG_5862.JPG IMG_5871.JPG IMG_5872.JPG IMG_5880.JPG
  2. She's gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  3. I LOVE the colors in your collection... they are so stunning together, too bad you can't wear 2 on one arm and 1 on another :p But each of them are amazing in their own right too. Congrats!!!
  4. I love it! :tup: Congrats! You've got some of my favorite colors in your collection.
  5. I LOVE all the colors of your Bbags!! Gorgeous!!
  6. congrats! What a fun collection you have- and 2 highly sought after 05's that look like they're in amazing condition! Love how the colors go together.
    Great collection!
  7. They are all so gorgeous - particularly the new bag - many congratulations on chosing such exquisite colours.
  8. Wow, lovin your collection!
  9. congrats! i love your collection especially your torquise
  10. I love your collection - you have the best colors !:yes:
  11. So gorgeous!! Congrats. I have the same bag and love it. The colour on yours looks so rich! Love the pic of all three bags.
  12. Beautiful!
  13. I absolutely love that color! Enjoy your new bag!
  14. Ahhh!! My FAVORITE color sooo beautiful:love::drool:.I'm so jealous(in a good way;))
  15. Oh my! Thanks for the eye candy :drool: And congrats!