a very guilty reveal

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  1. Last wed I had a VERY BAD day and received some bad personal news. Going into detail would be 'overshare'. Anyway, I was wandering through my local Selfridges feeling rather unhappy and they just happened to have a brilliant selection of Alexas. Including the perfect black regular. Now, I cannot afford this having just bought my bays for work but having read discussion on variability in buffalo leather, I was so tempted and just had to buy it to cheer myself up. Now I feel a tad guilty about my HUGE credit card bill that I will be paying off until Christmas!!! Having said that I do now have a lovely Alexa!!!! Personally, I am not keen on the super wrinkly ones. I found one with nice, thick, more structured leather with a nice subtle grain.
    Mulberry bags are beautiful and very addictive but no new ones for me for a loooooong time!!!!!

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  2. Oh it looks beautiful, and looks great on you ! Shopping therapy can do wonders ! Congrats !
  3. It looks gorgeous and suits you beautifully! I know all about this "guilt"....As you said, you got the perfect Alexa and you should enjoy it! If you don't get tempted by any more until Christmas, your CC should be healthy again.

  4. You look like a model! Alexa becomes you :smile:
    Hope you are feeling a bit better and re the guilt: It will wear off.... Enjoy!!!
  5. It looks fabulous on you! Very well done!
  6. Congratulations and enjoy your Alexa!

    It's definitely a hit and miss when it comes to the leather so it's hard to resist when the RIGHT ONE comes along!
  7. Guilt is such a useless emotion. You were feeling miserable and needed cheering up and I hoped it worked!
    Your Alexa looks beautiful on you, so you should enjoy it. I'm with you on liking the less grainy leather.
    Pay off the cc over the next few months and you'll be in good shape for the January Sales!
  8. See, that's why I like this forum. I instantly feel less handbag guilt!!!! Perfect advice Lola73 re Jan sales!!!!!!! Thanks double Dutch, too kind. If I look in anyway model like it's cos I've chopped of my head. Hahaha
  9. Well, you certainly won't get told here that your Alexa is awful and should be returned immediately!!! Lol - the opposite of that is what you will actually hear. Anyway I'm sure we have all put something on our credit card that we probably shouldn't have at some stage, so we understand!
    Get over the guilt and enjoy her. Life is too short to feel bad!
  10. Make that three of us. I also prefer the smoother/less grainy leather ... in addition to not being wrinkly and too slouchy.
  11. Gorgeous Alexa - enjoy it and don't waste time on the guilt :smile:
  12. "It looks gorgeous and suits you beautifully! I know all about this "guilt"....As you said, you got the perfect Alexa and you should enjoy it! If you don't get tempted by any more until Christmas, your CC should be healthy again"

    I know. Going to conference in the US in December. From terminal 5 at heathrow (BA strike permitting). Voice in head will be shouting 'step away from the mulberry shop'!!!!!!!
  13. Its lovely! When I bought my Alexa I had no idea if I could afford it that particular month but it all worked out in the end with no debt!

  14. So lovely! You deserve it, and I'm sure you will use it all the time. With a Bays and an Alexa you are basically covered for all situations - well done!

    (And I do agree with lola: guilt is such a useless emotion!!!)
  15. I know Vicky, with my gorgeous oak bays for work, my black alexa for work and my black Maggie for smart suit occasions, I feel I'm covered. Just want an oak ant messenger for holidays and lugging around my heavy camera. And maybe a sexy little evening bag!!!
    Thanks all. Knew I could count on TPF to make me feel just fine on the extravagance front. CC sorted so not making full payment each month and feel much happier in general after my traumatic week.