A "verbal" reveal~~

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  1. Sorry ladies...I don't know how to upload pictures...but I do have an amazing verbal reveal for everyone! I am so excited to share my story!
    I went to the McKinley Mall in Orchard Park, NY today (near Buffalo) to do some birthday shopping for my daughter. Went into the Macy's and spied two Coach purses on a rack. This thrilled me simply because that particular Macy's does not carry Coach purses. I asked the salesclerk about the purses and she told me they were both holiday returns! The first was a Poppy tote...really cute...but I already have one...the other..I thought was black...I stepped closer to examine the leather because it looked so soft and rich and realized the black was eggplant! I was thrilled! I am not a black purse buyer by nature but was willing to make an exception for this beauty! To find that it was instead eggplant just made my day! I found a leather Brooke (style 14142). She is gorgeous! She was also marked down over $100 so my decision was made much easier! To make the day even better....when I checked out...she was marked down even more~! I ended up paying only $144 for her! I literally danced out of the store with my newest Coach! I just had to share with everyone! I am still dancing!!!
  2. Congrat's...Isn't Saving Money Fun?????Great deal:biggrin:
  3. Congrats! I know exactly how you feel about that color - I have the Brooke wristlet and swingpack in eggplant and just think it's the coolest color! Lucky you to find Brooke! And at such an amazing price too!
  4. Sweet deal! I woulda been all over that one too!
  5. Wow you got an awesome deal! Enjoy!
  6. Oh My Gosh...what a wonderful surprise!!! My Macy's does not carry Coach either, so I would be super excited to find a Coach return there! I have been wanting a large Plum Carly, but they're so hard to find nowadays, so I have been considering the large Eggplant Brooke. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your special find!
  7. Congrats! My closest Macy's is a farther drive than the outlet so I never go. I have the Lexi in eggplant and looove it. It's patent so I know it's not the same but still...love the eggplant.
    It's always awesome to get something cheaper than expected!
  8. Awesome deals! Eggplant is a stunning, beautiful color!
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions for accessories? I have a gorgeous dark purple wallet (I believe it is a Madison) that I have had for two or three years...colours simply aren't the same. I know I could buy something with the traditional Coach logo but would love to have the matching eggplant somewhere! Any ideas????
  10. Congrats on your beautiful Brooke! I hope you enjoy her, eggplant is a great color. I just found the matching zip-around wallet (style #43109) at my Macy's for 50% off plus an additional 20%, $79.20 before tax. If you want to find it at a Macy's, their SKU number is 884830885163. They can look this up and find which stores have any in inventory and they can do a charge-send for you. Good luck!
  11. Thank you so much 4vryng! I found the zip around wallet and ordered it! I cannot wait for it to arrive!!!
  12. Congrats on your find. I have an eggplant Brooke and love it. It is the perfect alternative to black.
  13. I agree blackthorn! Originally (and from a distance!) I thought it WAS black...I was so pleased to discover it was eggplant! The leather is so wonderfully soft...thinking now that I need the larger Brooke! (oh, the trouble I can get myself into!)

    And I have to say...I love this forum...and everyone involved! What a great place to chat, discuss, and meet new friends! :smile:
  14. Yay!!! You found the wallet! You'll have to figure out how to post pics and do a reveal of your set when it arrives. My Macy's had both the large and regular Brooke, and I chose the large, but keep wondering if I made the right choice. And now you're wondering about if you need the large, lol. I ordered the Brooke wristlet in eggplant that so many here have been talking about. I missed it at the outlets, so I had to order it from Macy's and am waiting its arrival. I LOVE that eggplant leather!
  15. I had that very purse in my hands about 3 weeks ago at that very store! Small world. McKinley Mall Macys!