A Trio of Mulberrys

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  1. Well, the school holidays have been long, and the postman has been busy and I have finally managed to take some photos now that everything is back to normal.
    I'm sure that some of you can guess at least one of my bags but who can guess all THREE !

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  2. oh wow!
  3. Wha...??? Three!!! Come on Coco, spill!
  4. Could one of them be an Alexa..?

    There are too many possibilities!
  5. wow!cant wait
  6. Don't you just love the sight of multiple dustbags :tender: ?

  7. I'll give you a clue, 2 are older styles and one is fairly current but there isn't an Alexa there.

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  8. Wow! Can't wait to see, get them off! Xx
  9. The one on the far left might be a roxy? The shape looks right.......xx
  10. A mitzy Hobo in there perhaps?? oooh lovely x
  11. Off! Off! Off!
  12. Exciting! My guess is Roxy, Annie and Mitzy hobo. This is fun!
  13. Me too re the guess! And the fun!
  14. One of those is definitely a shiny black Roxy! No idea about the other two.
  15. :faint: