A thread to praise the Mulberry repair team!

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  1. I took two bags to a Mulberry outlet for repairs at the start of August. I got a claa towards the end of August. The lady I spoke to said that having spoke to the Mulberry repair people they could repair both bags but the leather on one bag(mini mabel) might be a bit shinier than the original. Got it back today and I couldn't tell which part of my bag had been replaced.

    Not only that but the outlet received my bag at the same time but sent it back because it wasn't right(post mans lock was replaced).

    I am very impressed!

    And and. I paid yesterday and I was told to expect it back tomorrow. It arrived today 24 hrs later..literally!

    Super happy at the job they have done!
  2. Yay! Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to know when people get good customer service as most times we focus on the negative experiences.
  3. I had a great experience in Mulberry today as well. I went into Mulberry Sydney today, as the screws on the back of the front plate of the postman's lock were scratching the front of the back plate. They immediately found replacement plates for the bag and are sending them to the local repair place that they use (clearly Mulberry HQ is too far away!) for repair. They said that it should be back next week. Awesome customer service!! :biggrin:
  4. It is lovely to hear stories of good customer service! Thumbs up for Mulberry customer services! :tup:
  5. Looked at my mini mabel again in the day light and whilst it is noticeable its not 'shouting' repair. Also the new lock they have put on my Ledbury is gorgeous!
  6. frizz that's great - lovely to hear about such a positive outcome!!....
  7. Nice to hear!

    I checked my Mulberry Soho into the Bond Street store at the end of August for inking and stitching and gave them my contact details so that they could confirm the price but haven't heard anything yet, I know it can take up to three months but is it normal that they haven't even confirmed the price and got the go-ahead from me after six weeks? What do you all think?

  8. Contact repairs at Shepton Mallet! You should have had a quote back within a week or so....

  9. It's always reassuring to hear that a repair went well, I'm sending in one of my preloved bays for repair today so it's good to know about the service received.
  10. I've had several of my older bags in for repairs and the repairwork that has been done to them has all been perfect work. On one occasion they mailed to me and said the color on a pocket strap that gone missing and was being replaced that would not be a perfect match, but when I got the bag back it was very hard to see that had been replaced.
    I've also had lost rivets replaced, new piping done, a missing strap replaced and all repairs has been very well executed.
    Even if it does take quite some time from when the bag is being sent in until it arrives back home again I think that is fine as the work always has been very well done and not too expensive either.:dothewave:
  11. I emailed Mulberry's Customer Repairs to find out roughly how much it would cost to replace the handles, lock plate and repair the piping on a Bayswater over the weekend. They got back to me today and said the approxiximate cost to replace the handles is £70.00, the piping is £80.00 and the locking plate is £30.00 just in case anyone was wondering for future reference. I think that's a pretty good price although I'm surprised the piping costs more than the handles.
  12. More praise from me. Brilliant service from the repair team and Covent Garden store. Very pleased with the results.
  13. After speaking to the lovely Rebecca I was sent a new replacement in printed oak which arrived today.
    It has caused me a lot of disappointment but the new bag is lovely and I am very happy now!
  14. Sorry IPad playing up! I had to send my soft buffalo oak Alexa back twice for re-inking in its 1st year. Not great for an £800 bag!

    Spoke to Rebecca in customer service who sent me a printed oak Alexa replacement at no extra cost. After all the disappointment I am very happy!