A thank you to my fellow HH Hotties

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  1. It gets it's own thread.

    Oh you guys :heart::hugs::crybaby:<--tears of happiness!

    That is so sweet of you to make me a youtube get well card. It felt like a giant hug! I love it!!! I totally love the B-52s :nuts: It's a good anthem for me. I'm so welled up right now. I can hardly see the screen.

    Thank you.... Jenn, Cho, Jwhit, Brenda, Luciana, Miss Curly, MT, 2many, Mischa, Enga, TR, Nikki, Sirine, Kate, M2J, PIM, EHB, Quiz, MB, Carlie, Paelaf, Laura, Fleur, Bri, Kdo hope I didn't miss anyone. :heart::love::blush:

    Wow that is a lot of hotties!!



    Response Linkage: :nuts:
  2. :hugs:
  3. We love you Lu!!! :hugs: :heart:
  4. OH MAH GAH!!!!
    This is the best video ever.

    Lu, I think this video made all of us cry!!! I think I*ROD just got misty when I made him watch!!!

    A couple of items to note:

    Holy Crap, Bri has been hoarding herself quite a cuff collection and I want to mass produce the I :heart: Lulu Hayden Harnett Tees for the HHHOTTIES!!!!
  5. We all luv you!!! Hottieville is not the same w/ out you!
  6. For Shizzle.
  7. And OMG, Lulu, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you posting!! :hugs:
  8. I really loved how creative everyone was with their photos (and the two teddy bears splice was fabulous, Jen!!) Irene & Carlie making their letters like the Beatles on their way to Vancouver was wonderful, and Brenda by the highway :hugs: :smooch:
  9. :heart::heart::heart::hugs: Love you all!!! I'm glad we made you feel loved Lulu!!! Hotties are amazing!! :urock:
  10. LU!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better!!!

  11. :smooch::hugs::heart: Everyone was so creative. 2many-not's picture held a special place in my :heart: because It had my old BB/B origami and before I left she was still new and a little shy and now she's running the place. LOVE IT! Irene & Carlie picture was awesome. Was that in Vancouver? They were all AWESOME!!

    Bri needs to have her closet raided for sure!!
  12. Lulu! So, so glad to see you back on here and feeling better!
  13. ^OMG, yes! I had a slack-jaw seeing her cufftastic spread AND the TS Satchel... such a sneaky girl, Brizzle!
  14. Lots of love to you, Lu!
  15. Lu - that was downtown Vancouver right in front of the Olympic cauldron/flame.