A Tale About a Blue Jean 35cm Hermes Birkin!

  1. Dear Friends,

    I am excited, but I think that is the feeling every woman feels right after purchasing a Hermes Birkin, even if it is for ebay sales. There is a certain euphoria, and in my case it was hard won. I walked into Hermes tonight and spied out of the corner of my left eye a Blue Jean 35 cm Togo leather Birkin -- but it wasn't alone. A saleslady was in the middle of her ritual sales-dance with a wide eyed customer whose bag shopping had already advanced into the latter stages, the removal of the bubble-stuffing and the examining of the interior! We know, as bag lovers, that if we unzip it, unhook, it, unclasp it, whatever, we are merely 2 more steps from ownership (that being the final pose before the mirror and the finding of the Credit Card). I nervously pushed myself into a non-threatening position in the men's clothing area behind the horse-saddles. I pretended to examine a horse saddle. It was a well made horse saddle. English probably. Anyway...Was she buying it? Oh, God, she is posing in front of the mirror... she is walking back and forth with a confident strut! I felt infused with nervous energy, as if by thought alone I could send a telepathic message to the other woman to put it down and walk away, if not for my sake, but for the sake of my yet unknown future customer! Another salesgirl approached me. I realized we had a similar cause. This salesgirl also wanted the other customer to put down the Birkin. Why? Because she knew she could sell it to me. We gave each other a knowing glace. Then the worst imaginable happened -- the customer, the other woman, took the birkin to the sales counter -- no! I was about to walk out, tail between legs, but my clever salesgirl stopped me. She said, "Wait, her credit card might be declined. Just wait...watch." I felt like a hunter hiding in the bush waiting for some trap to snap. I eyed the counter. I made small talk with the salesgirl about how hard to find these bags are. Then suddenly...it happened... the other customer, the other woman, walked sadly, head down, towards the door, without an orange shopping bag! It is mine! (Although I did feel sorry for her. How embarrassing. But this is the jungle - each woman for her own!)

    The Birkin is mine, but only for now. I will be posting pictures in the selling section shortly. If anyone is interested in this bag let me know. Or even if you have comments about this bag. I want to find a good home for it. My email is theartofacquisition@yahoo.com

    I wanted to tell this story, as it was such a brilliant feeling to snatch such a coveted item -- it was nearly primal.

  2. Which boutique do you purchase this Birkin in? So you puchased this Birkin as a walk-in customer? Amazing. Congrats.
  3. Poor woman. She would probably have worn and loved the bag,not tried to sell it for profit.
  4. Quirkycool, I share your sentiments.

    I wish the woman who bought the bag is Baggaholic...:hrmm:
  5. Maybe it will be Baggaholics! Good Luck.
  6. Doesn't Baggaholics want to buy from a boutique?
  7. You're a great storyteller! Why don't you want to keep it for yourself? It's a fabulous bag.
  8. QuirkyCool and gigi, I totally agree with you as I was reading through the OP post. How sad!

    Baggaholic, your BJ is still out there. Don't give up!
  9. Or me..
  10. Do you want a Blue Jean, Sweetea?
  11. I tnink most of us prefer to buy from Hermes, but if the opportunity arises and it can all be verified and the price fair...it can be a sale.
  12. My first choice would be Birkin 30 in black or gold but it would be a dream to me if I walking into Hermes and find the BJ Birking is staring at at me!:nuts: . And then...I will be in trouble! Because the BJ Birkin might steal my heart and I just bring it home.:lol: But the key here is to see and try her in person and love it.:biggrin:
  13. I get what you are saying, Sweetea.
  14. I'd bet Hermes gets declined credit cards a lot. These credit card companies are very careful and very few people charge $8000 in one shot. Also, probably a lot of people are maxed out on their cards. You really need good credit to charge $8000.
  15. How lucky you are!
    I guess many of us will have the same experience as that lady. My credit card Company declined my $2000 somthing transaction a few days earlier, I had to call them to get authorized.