a speedy too many?

  1. how many of you here have more than 2 speedies?

    some of you may have seen my earlier thread about getting either an azur saleya, tivoli pm, palermo pm or damier neverfull. well, i've narrowed it down to the azur saleya or the tivoli pm.

    the problem is, i am thinking about the azur speedy too. i already have a damier speedy and the mono speedy so i know i don't need another speedy but every time i see pics of hilary duff with her azur speedy i'm like "i likeeeeeeee!" and i don't like hilary duff, so definitely it's her bag i want haha.

    if i get the azur speedy now, i won't get the saleya, and will have to wait till next year before i can get the tivoli.

    should i stay focused and get either the saleya or tivoli now, or get the azur speedy now and wait awhile to get the tivoli next year? sighs, decisions decisions!
  2. I have damier speedy 25, azur speedy 25, and denim neo speedy. I also have Azur Saleya PM and planning to get Tivoli PM too. Well, with the winter coming, you may want to get Tivoli first. Although I LOVE my azur speedy and saleay pm, I have put them away for hibernation until Spring comes. It is your decision...,but I would get Tivoli first and then Azur pieces later.
  3. I bet lots of us have many speedys...I have Mono 30, Damier 25, MC and Mirage. So that makes four for me...Love them wouldn't mind getting more:smile:
  4. get the tivoli cause i'm sure it will sell out easily, the azur pieces you want are always available.
  5. Im thinking since u have speedy already.. Get the Tivoli...
  6. i didn't think of that. but it's so hard to be good!
  7. Lol I don't think there's such a thing...I have 7 and I know others here have even more!
    But I'd definitely go for the Tivoli since it's more limited.
  8. you can never have too man speedys and i consider azur to be wearable year round. if you really love the saleya i say diversify and get that in azur. i personally only like the azur speedy so i vote for that. they need to make an azur mini noe!
  9. tivoli!!!
  10. 2 speedies and counting.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my azur speedy !
  11. 4 speedys (epi ivory, epi red, azur and damier), all 25, and counting.... there's no such a thing as "too many speedys" LOL
  12. 3 speedys here
    damier 30
    mini lin 30
    mono 30

    Love all the speedys :O)... can you ever get enough LV :O)
  13. I have two Speedys: Mono 30 and Damier 30 but I would love to have a ebene Mini Lin Speedy 30 someday!!

    If you like the Azur Speedy, then get it!!!!! (You've been enabled!!!)
  14. I have 4 speedies...you can never have too many!
  15. i already have 3 speedys - you can never have too many!