A "shout out" to the Stud Stamped Hobo (Maxi)

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  1. Thanks to the pictures on this forum of the maxi stud stamped hobo (mistikat and syma - thanks, ladies!), I bought one on sale at BG. Well, I carried it while shopping at NM today and I received sooo many compliments from the SAs on the bag, that I determined that I didn't need to buy anything else! (DH was quite happy about that!) This bag is great! It's large, but lightweight, and totally stylish! :cool:
  2. kiss_p. don't you just love this bag .. I have it too..and I must say after owning many other designer bags and several BOTTEGAS, it is clearly the best.. I am sorry I never had a veneta before and I am currently lusting over my next one..they certainly are addictive..:tup::tup:
  3. I like that bag. I saw the smaller one (16" wide -vs- 22") at Barney's and almost got it...it was calling to me. Now I wish I had. BVs rule!
  4. Fabulous buy, kiss_p! Such a rocker chic bag, with enough room to be practical no? Congrats!
  5. kiss-p, I saw that bag when it was listed on BG's site and I'm so glad to know a PF member got it! I have it in the large size. Of all my bags, it's truly the most comfortable one I carry. It sits so well on the shoulder and fits so well against the body I forget I have it. Initially, I stayed away from the veneta style b/c I like flat bottom bags. But once this bag is in my lap or on the floor it behaves as if it has a flat bottom. I'm loving venetas now!
  6. Gorgeous Kiss-P, Love the maxi studded veneta to bits, please post some pics for us to drool over!
  7. Enjoy it!
  8. Here is my sad, sad story. I wanted the medium size in the stud hobo. It popped back into stock on Bluefly and I snapped it right up! Well, it arrived today. The ends of the security tag, instead of being attached to each other, were securely stuck to the leather. I can just see a rip or mark happening. So back it went. No more Bluefly for me. This is strike...what...8?

    So enjoy your great bags. It is a cool design! :girlsigh:
  9. jburgh- OY! this is what I would do..I know that they had this bag in Saks in Boston recently, but I was there today and I didn't see it..Maybe you can have them track 1 down for you in another store and maybe match the price,,and how about Barneys? you never know until you ask..why do they have security tags in high end bags anyway ..isn't jomashop only a website? so why security tags? just trying to help
  10. It's gorgeous! Congrats & enjoy that beauty!
  11. Jomashop is not the problem.

    Bluefly is. The story is that Bluefly would receive fakes as returns. The buyer would make the switch and also get their money back. Then, the next person to order the bag, gets a fake. Eventually, they instituted a security tag and policy not to accept a return unless it arrives with the security tag intact. Problem is...many bags still don't have a security tag. Or the tag is around a buckled strap, where all you have to do is unbuckle it and take it off. Also, they don't have the best track record with me on thorough checking before shipping. :cursing:

    I'll give Barney's a call in Chicago to see if the bag is still there. Or maybe something else will come along.
  12. jburgh, Is there something wrong with the bag or just because it doesn't have a proper sec tag that made you decided to return the bag?
    I'm just curious bec all of the bag that I ordered from bf is pretty good, except 1 bag that has some tiny stain. I guess they have to improve their sec tag...
  13. cutiekiara - Rather than being stuck to each other around the handle, the adhesive ends of the tag were individually firmly stuck to the leather of the bag. I didn't want to pull them off and risk damage to the bag. This had to be done intentionally, and that to me is incredibly sloppy.
  14. I'm glad to see that others like the stud stamped hobo, too!! :p

    jburgh - I'm sorry to hear about your mishaps with BF. Maybe one day, one will show up at jomashop and you can use one of your discount codes on it!!