a shopping experience i had...thoughts, opinions, thanks!

  1. so, for those of you who are as religious as me checking in on and posting on tpf, you might remember that dh and i came up with an amount of $ that would work for both me and him and then no bags for a year... i could get one bag or 10, as long as i stayed w/in the parameters...anyway, i got a hh salina in amethyst, coach ergo red patent hobo, an andrew marc and a michael kors...when i went to get the michael kors yesterday, a SA who has helped me before made what i thought was kind of a "snooty" comment to me...he said "the mk is much better than the andrew marc...i like to stick with well known names for the snob appeal"...i was kind of shocked...the andrew marc bag was $400.00 and i love it...yes, i know he's just gotten into handbag designing and i think his stuff is great, especially the quality of the leather...because he is a relatively new handbag designer i was kind of "iffy" going with the bag, but, the SA's attitude didn't help at all...any thoughts, feelings or opinions? thanks!!!!
  2. The SA is an idiot. Anyone who buys a bag for the "snob appeal" is. In my opinion that just shows a total lack of style.
  3. People buy bags often for the status of the bag, hence snob appeal.

    I wouldn't let it bother me. As long as you liked the bag, that is all that matters.
  4. Pretty snooty and assuming on his part, especially that it was an unsolicited comment....
  5. Well how did he know you bought an Andrew Marc? Did you tell him?

    Of course he's going to try and pimp the brand he's working for. His response is just dumb. To be completely honest, I personally don't even think MK has THAT much "snob appeal."
  6. I agree, I would'nt consider MK to be high end at all.
  7. People like him give us handbag lovers a bad name LOL
  8. i completely agree, although i think he does these days to middle america/suburbs because of project runway. he's reaching a huge demographic and to some people "well-known" = fantastic quality/design regardless of the actual quality or design, kwim?

    i would have made a snooty comment towards the SA. the minute they dish it out, they're asking for it.
  9. Snob appeal is for snobs, and you seem much nicer than that, since you didn't slap the guy or anything for that remark. I think Michael Kors himself would be embarrassed if he'd heard that.
  10. lady v...no, i didn't tell him i had bought an andrew marc...he happened to be there the day i did and remembered it...(maybe he needs to get a life and not remember what bags i've bought?!?!?!)
  11. the new mk handbags are really gorgeous...not sure if you've seen them...very well made, exceptional leather, amazing hardware...i think he's making much nicer bags than he used to...i love the one i just got!
  12. I just bought his handbag today-what a screamin' deal I got on it at NM Last Call. Ordinarily I don't get his bags in that price range because I'd rather buy something else, but I also got the matching shoes w/it. I know the bag is well made, as are the shoes! They were both his MK bags which is his high end line.