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Which designer would you own if you could only have ONE

  1. PRADA



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  1. I don't really know a lot about high end designer fashion. I could use some guidance, but realize that I am walking dangerous territory due to the fact that I am in a particular forum. But - my question is this: If you could only chose ONE high end designer bag and you had three bags in front of you: A PRADA, A LOUIS VUITTON, AND A CHANEL... which one would you chose and why? Keep in mind, I love my bag to be slightly not of the ordinary, (not everyone can have one, I know that sounds very shallow; has a great re-sale value to protect my in investment, I starved at one point in my life, and you don't forget that; and also is very up to the moment stylish, but at the same time just as stylish 6 years from now) Those are my requirements and I seriously need guidance. I may be in a situation that will change and I would love to have a bag that I will be so glad that I purchased and will be something that is a little bit of luxury in each day. I currently have 3 Jimmy Choo's, which I love, but realize they are perhaps not as "classic". Forgive me if I have offended anyone with my choies, but I feel like these three designers are in the driving force of the industry. So... educate me in the high end of this world an please let me know what you think, but remember: this is a choice you must make knowing that you could only have ONE of the mentioned bags. Thanks so much and I love it that I can ask this question of all of you - such a wide ranger of purse enthusiasts and collectors! :flowers:
  2. Since you are in the LV forum, you're probably going to have a lot of responses for LV
  3. Im going to close move this to handbags...you will get more of a rounded answer. Please do not post the same thread in every forum! thank you!!:yes:
  4. Prada :tup:
  5. For me, it truly depends on the bag. I can't really vote based only on brand. For all 3 of these brands (and really ALL brands), there are some bags I love and some bags I hate. I generally prefer LV and Chanel over Prada, but as for LV or Chanel, it would really depend on the bag itself. Both are very classic brands that hold their value.
  6. Louis Vuitton for me every time!
  7. Louis Vuitton, but I wouldn't mind a Chanel quilted chain bag in my collection. I guess if the question is for one, it'd be LV. Prada doesn't do much for me.
  8. chanel
  9. Chanel...such a classic. LV is too, of course but I prefer Chanel.
  10. Louis Vuitton, others don't compare.:supacool:
  11. Have you considered Hermes? Evelyne or Trim?
  12. Chanel, hands down.

    In my opinion, Chanel is a true classic and usually very elegant and classy, even when it's one of their more "edgy" lines.

    I can't appreciate the other two but I just don't think they compare to Chanel (and I own them all.)
  13. :jammin:
  14. generally speaking, i think chanel and lv would most protect your investment, but prada is better for a more "out of the ordinary" bag
  15. among the 3 you have mentioned louis vuitton is the best in QUALITY...if you look in the other forums you will see a lot of issues reguarding quality of their bags if you really want something to last and get your moneys worth get LV.
    If you want the BEST and top of the tier in high end bags ...there is only one....HERMES