A seller is backing out =(

  1. I was so happy I won a Michael Kors sports bag that retailed for $248 for the best price of $18.50 had no reserve.
    Well I get an e-mail from the seller saying this

    "I am so sorry as this listing was listed wrong by a Activa.com whom I use. This listing should have started at 48.99 as I paid much more for this. I truely am sorry I really hope that you won't give me a bad rating as I am sure you would not want it to happen to you. I have reported it to e-bay as well. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks so much. Marsha"

    so this is what I responded

    "It's a contract and on the Item name it says No Reserve, If you are truly profesional you have to take some losses in business. That is just wrong, so if I leave bad feedback, you will leave me bad feedback when I've done nothing wrong??? "

    What should I do I new help girls I'm new to eBay!
  2. this is the bag
  3. yep, you are right, the seller is unprofessional. it is too easy to blame it on Auctiva because she could have changed that at any stage. for how long did the auction run?

    tell her that you will report her as a non-performing seller (somewhere on eBay there is a form). you are right, she can leave you neg feedback as well, if you leave her neg feedback. also, she will try to get her fees back by asking you to agree to not go through with the auction.

    did you pay already? would you have or did you pay via paypal? she will have to refund you if she doesn't want to see through the sale but like I said, you can tell her that you will report her as a non-performing seller. she may change her opinion after that.

    finally, you could always offer more money - maybe not the $50 she wanted to list for but more than what you got it for, if you really want the bag.
  4. I am assuming you have not paid (I hope).
    You know they will retaliate with a neg fb if you leave one, so be prepared for that (if in case you do). I'd go to eBay and file a complaint, or Contact Ebay Customer Support.
  5. You definitely should report her to ebay...she obviously just did not get the price she hoped for so now she is trying to act as though she made a mistake in the listing. That is not YOUR fault, and the she has the audacity to threaten you basically by saying you had better not leave her negative feedback or she will do the same. What a :cursing: !! I would just not leave her ANY feedback (even though it is tempting to leave her negative) because if you do leave negative, she already sounds like she is ready to burn you back by leaving YOU negative when you did nothing wrong.

    It is definitely not worth you picking up a negative feedback over because she is a poor seller. Plus, since you are new to ebay it will really hurt a beginning business on ebay to have negative.

    Thats just my two cents, I am sorry sorry this happened to you, it sucks! Good luck getting your bag though :crybaby:
  6. Did you tell her that it was her responsibility to monitor her listings and she should have caught the error prior to the ending and you winning the item?
  7. How long was her listing on ebay? She should have plenty of time to end or change it before you won the bag. She is not an honest seller at all, and I would not deal w/ her. I would report her and move on.
  8. Unless you are absolutely dying to have this bag I would not finish transaction...move on. Too much trouble and she may be angry enough to package item poorly or take a really long time to ship...
  9. This bag was a relist, she originally had it as a buyitnow for $99. relisted & started the bidding at 9.99, withe no reserve.

    Could be she listed it wrong, but she should have caught it by now...I think she's was hoping a low start would encourage more bids & is just trying to get out of losing her money.

    Your bid is a contract, she of course, can break it, but there should be consequences.
  10. Wow, I am so sorry that this happened to you. I agree that the seller is being totally unprofessional. Even though she made a mistake you should not have to be the one to pay for it. In a perfect world she should just suck it up and let you have the purse for $18.50. But, we all know that in the world of eBay, it is far from perfect. If you really want the purse, maybe the two of you can come to agreement on a price? If not, I would report her as a non-performing seller. Good luck, I hope it will all work out for you.
  11. Don't you have to pay first in order to report a non-performing seller? I would worry that if I didn't pay for the auction the seller would report ME as a non-paying bidder.

    I think I would go ahead and pay and force her to refund. Then I would have a record that I attempted to follow through with the auction. And, the seller couldn't file a NPB complaint against me.
  12. I use auctiva and you enter whatever price you want, auctiva doesn't really screw up like that. she's full of crap!
  13. She is a liar and yes, very unprofessional.

    Contact eBay and report her. Dont let scummy people like this get away with it.
  14. Report her. Very unprofesional!!
  15. That's exactly what I was thinking. I was in a similar situation before, and after filing complaints with eBay the seller did end up selling me the item for the ending auction price.