a SAD and SNAKEY story

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  1. I loved her so much, I started buying loads of blue clothings to match Bluey. The vivid and vibrant blue just made me want to carry her for long periods.
  2. 2 months after I got her, I noticed a tiny spot of discolouration. None of my bags which I have used for longer periods had that problem. I did ask my SA about this issue. She checked with her manager and asked if I wanted to get a credit note for it. I was reluctant to let go of this bag. Apparently, a lady had issues with her blue too.
  3. Last month, I had no choice but to send her in because...

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  4. I was told the local repair team could deal with the loose thread issue. By this time, the tiny discolouration spot had grown (Sorry I have no pix for it as I was probably in denial, i hate to be reminded of this imperfection). SA asked if I wanted to get a credit note. My answer was still NO. I requested that they touch up my bag. SA told me that if the local team could not handle this, they would have to send my bag to Paris, and that would take up to 6 months. I was fine with the idea. As long as I get to keep the bag.
  5. When 14P Act 1 was launched, I was at the boutique to get a pair of earrings. It was then I learnt that my bag is back in the boutique.

    Good news: The loose thread issue had been dealt with

    Bad news: Local team could not help me with the touch-up. Referred to Paris side. Paris side declined to touch up (dye issue).

    I probably bought the very first batch of the 13S Blue. I got my bag in the first week of April which was uber early. I have not heard about this problem until my bag had this issue.

    SA brought up the credit note issue again. I pondered for a good 30 mins .....
  6. I decided to let her go since there was no way the patch could be fixed (it was not due to wear and tear as none of my bags had that problem + I rotate my bags too + the bag was relatively new).

    When I bought the bag, it was already imperfect since Day 1 for the inner flap had a long crease. I do not mind and still brought it home.

    My 'cute' hubby even asked if I could just keep it as a souvenir.:shocked: He was reluctant to let Bluey go too. Chanel bags are too expensive to be 'kept as souvenirs' (for me at least),
  7. Oh my, it's a beautiful blue sorry to hear about this OP. :sad:
  8. Oh dear! Feel sad for you! Bluey is such a beauty ......at least you got a credit note so you can get another beauty! I am not so sure the other Chanel worldwide would do the same.....
  9. Sooooooo.............. I headed to the boutique today....... and came home with

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  10. Bluey was 'sacrificed'..... for....

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  11. Anxiously waiting for the reveal!
  12. Never thought I'd get this....

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  13. My smallest bag to date

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  14. Ta-Da! The replacement for Bluey. Still feel a tinge of sadness when I think of her.

    From 14C. I did look at 14P Pythons, but this one called out to me more.

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