A round of applause for HONEST feedback!

  1. I just saw this feedback on an LV EPI TROCADERO.
    I won't disclose any names but I just was really impressed that this buyer left this feedback to warn others.
    I looked up the item and yes the seller did try and relist it without disclosing flaw.


    bag had damage not disclosed (sticky pocket) I returned it, now reselling, bad)
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      I had FULLY refunded UR Money, and the bag still VERY USABLE TO OTHERS, WHY???
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        because you listed again and damage is bad, yet you dont disclose, dishonest!!!
    Then this was on the buyers FB

    [​IMG]ThisPersonBorned2RuinUrFeedback. LeaveNegFDBKwithoutBlinkingHerEyesAfter1.5Month
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        I saw it listed again without disclosing damage, didnt want others to be scammed
  2. Good for her.
  3. That is awesome! :tup:
  4. Good on her.

    I think too often buyers are coerced into leaving positive feedback, either to get a refund or to protect their own rating.
  5. Yes, good for her. I have to admit I've been guilty a number of times of not leaving feedback at all, rather than risk copping retaliatory FB for complaining about undisclosed faults, slow posting, etc. It's a pretty useless system where you can't say what you think for fear of retaliation - I keep my 100% rating simply because I never stick my neck out. Pathetic, I know, but it's what you have to do to protect your rating.
  6. ^ PinkCupcake-- I'm exactly the same way! I know it's bad, but until eBay figures out a way to stop retaliatory feedback I'll probably just not leave feedback at all.
  7. Neg feedback can be initmidating. But then again, unless you are really peeved off you could always leave a positive with a constructive comment.
    That is some crazy fedback!! ^^ well found Nyria.
  8. Yes good for her!
    Nyria knows how strongly I feel about this issue.

    One time my sister "won" a snowboard from a scammer who never had the item in his possession. She left the seller a negative, then changed her eBay name to "sellerhasnoboards" .:graucho::graucho:
    It was too funny.

    Buyers really shouldn't be afraid to leave a negative when a negative is warranted. Most importantly it warns others. I have 3 retaliatory negative feedbacks and I'm PROUD of them. Most experienced sellers can figure it out. Also, you can also reply to feedback left, and if there isn't enough room, reply "see my about me page". Then explain what happened in detail.
  9. I recently left a neg for a seller due to the fact that he would not ship a bag I won as he didn't get as much money as he wanted. He negged me back and lied that I tried to get him to accept less than the auction ended at! He has been banned from eBay, but I now have to pay to have this removed from my previously 100% rating. Ebays response to my request to remove this was "we understand your frustration, but it is not ebays policy to remove this type of feedback(he didn't leave any curse words in the comment). It is obvious by your feedback to this seller what happened".
    So this is fair???? That's what I get for being honest and warning others...he had already relisted the bag at that time.
  10. kudos to this buyer. shame on that seller for relisting the same bag without disclosing defects, especially after being informed by the buyer.
  11. It should go without saying that people should be able to leave an honest account of their experience with any buyer or seller. I'd far rather be able to leave a warning for buyers/sellers where it's warranted -- but -- you have to consider the likely repercussions. If leaving a warning is going to cost me my 100% rating, I'm not going to do it ... because while experienced eBayers can figure it out, a heck of a lot of buyers actually believe that 100% feedback means this is a seller who is 100% reliable. Some sellers believe it too ... I recently approached a seller who doesn't normally ship outside of the US to ask if she would consider shipping the item to Australia ... and back came the reply, "based on your 100% FB, I'd be happy to."

    The thing is - for me, where you have an eBayer with (say) 100 or more FB, what their 100% rating tells me is that this is a person who knows how to stay out of trouble. Not that the bag is guaranteed 100% authentic, not that the person is 100% reliable, but simply that this is a person who, in the event of a dispute, will try to try to work it out with you because they don't want to jeopardize their precious 100% rating.

    The way I figure it is, you don't get up over 100 FB - less, if you're selling - without running into some sort of trouble, so where you have someone with a 100% rating over a few hundred transactions, presumably what you have is a person who has successfully negotiated their way out of at least a few problematic transactions. That's what I go by, and I'd sooner deal with someone who is potentially keen to avoid a dispute rather than somone who will stand their ground and slug it out with me.

    The trouble is the whole FB system is a fundamentally flawed system. The potential for retaliation is built into it. I'd like to see FB comments replaced by a standard "check boxes" system of descriptors. And for any feedback you leave for the other party to remain hidden to them until after they've left feedback for you.

    But, you know ... not holding my breath on that one! :p
  12. I think ebay should definitely extend the character count on feedback so people can explain their experience properly..... when you only have a small handful of characters people often just go straight for the throat and do not justify the neg. Pinkcupcake I agree with you about power sellers with 100% feedback... no guarantee you are buying authentic in these cases.
  13. This happened to me too - I got sold a fake so I left this for her:
    BAIT & SWITCH - sells fakes that are different from pics - LOOK at FB history !!

    So then she copied and pasted it and sent me the EXACT SAME feedback:
    BAIT & SWITCH - sells fakes that are different from pics - LOOK at FB history !!

    I was like "What the hell? I am the BUYER"

    It didn't even make SENSE but they wouldn't remove it:cursing:
  14. I've often thought that, when I wanted to say something nice! Apologies for the thread drift, but I once bought about six items from the same seller all at the same time, and couldn't resist the opportunity to turn six lines of FB into a poem. She was really pleased too ... said it was the best FB she'd ever received!
  15. :woohoo::woohoo: