A really stupid question about the Nano..


Dec 21, 2006
Okay, can you guys indulge me with my really stupid question. I bought a nano last year (grained black with matte silver hardware). Its an outstanding bag that I carry a lot. While I dont necessarily need a second one, the idea of a second color is tempting. I was wondering - how does one go about finding out what colors are in prospect and when they are coming in, so as to get themselves on a saleslady's waiting list? I know its a stupid question, but the only way I got this bag to start was that the person ahead of me on the wait list to get the very last one, changed her mind. I suppose I could go back to my nice SA and just ask her. But I didnt want to pester her prematurely unless I knew there was a color/hardware combo that I was seriously interested in. Any input or advice is welcomed.


Jan 20, 2006
That's a great link. The colours seem a bit washed out, in some cases, by comparison with the photographs on the Celine website?