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  1. I got my legacy leather bag yesterday. It's pre owned and in good condition. This bag has a smell. I think it's the leather but I'm not sure. It's a bit strong. Is it suppose to smell like that?
  2. If it's a delicious leather smell... yes.

    If not... no.

    The only way to get the smell out would be to carry it though, maybe apple would help. But I've never had luck with those baking powder disks people recommend, AND I left it in the bag for 2 or 3 months and it still smelled. Not a strong smell, just a strange smell, and it didn't work.

    Show us pics!
  3. It's a strong smell combined with leather. My other leather bags don't smell
    like this. She said she cleaned the bag prior and maybe that's the smell. I've never applied apple to my bags so I don't know the smell.
    I post the pics in other thread recently. Check new bag! Pics inside! Thread
    thanks Louislover
  4. Apple has a smell coming out of the bottle IMO, but it wears off after it dries. None of my legacy bags smell like anything other than delicious leather. I'd get back with the seller and see what she cleaned it with.
  5. ME TOO!!! I just purchased a leather legacy satchel that I thought smelled funny, but after asking around, everyone said that it is just the leather smell.
  6. I read what she initially respond to me when I asked her about the bag. She said she cleaned and conditioned it with apple.
    Maybe it's me that I'm not use to the smell?
  7. ^Or maybe they used the Coach conditioner instead of Apple?