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  1. Super beautiful! Enjoy!
  2. I love this bag...congrats.
  3. Beautiful-congrats! The color is stunning!! Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks! I really loved the teal, but my SO pointed out to me that 3 teal-type bags was enough... but since i don't have anything in the purple family it was perfect!
  5. oooooo I was partially right on the big bag part, haha, ;) its gorgeous! congrats!
  6. What a beautiful bag!!!!
  7. Your Brynne is beautiful! Love that color, too!
  8. Congratz! Love the Brynne :biggrin:
  9. What color is the lining and what is the style number? TIA
  10. woot!! She is beautiful!!!
  11. Thanks guys!!

    I was a little scared when I opened it, every piece of metal on it had some kind of glue on it, but with a few damp q-tips, its all gone... I would have hated to have to return her...

    And in case any one is wondering, an Ipad does fit with room for all your stuff :smile:
  12. The Style Number is 15550 SV/RI and I'd call the lining Khaki...
  13. Beautiful bag! Congrats
  14. Lovely brynne
  15. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats!!