A question: If you could only buy 1 more bag this year what would it be?

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  1. Following on the back of Trashedbride and Rachiem's threads this evening (re. downsizing collections and 'not feeling it anymore'); which bag would you go for if you decided to limit yourself to only 1 more bag purchase this year?

    Your choice can be from current or past season.

    I think I would go for a Roxanne. The sensible choice would be oak. Though other colours would tempt me.

    Over to you.......;)
  2. Oooh good question. Based on what I know is coming...a gingerbread Hayden tote. There could well be others from the next collection, but what I don't know about, I can't crave :nuts:
  3. Unless I hate it when I see it in real life it will be the Leah in hazelnut. I am considering an Alexa too but will have to rejig my collection if I decide to go for it.

  4. Rofl. Very true that ignorance can indeed be bliss!
  5. I am so happy with my new black ew bay, and I would love another ew. After seeing some lovely oak bags here lately, I think I would go for a oak ew bay!!
  6. Something in blue, not sure what style. If blue doesn't pan out then it'd be something in ivory.
  7. Possibly a Leah Messenger in Hazelnut (...........but if that dreadfully expensive Leopard Bayswater was really drastically reduced then I would have that instead).
  8. very difficult since I want so many. But I have to say bayswater ostrich emerald :smile:
  9. Hayden shoulder bag in pink. Can't take my eyes off that bag.
  10. Ooooh! A very tough question!
    I'm greedy, I want so many - although I do understand that sometimes the wanting and the hunting and the dreaming can be better than the reality.

    I think I would have to go for the Mitzy Hobo in Oak or the Leah in hazelnut (I would like to see both together to compare).
  11. Something Ink blue-maybe Daria Satchel??
  12. Well, if you are going to go for only one - it may as well be a good expensive one!
  13. There is nothing I want at the moment, but I've only recently purchased E/W Maggie, the last time I bought something it took me a year before I bought something else. I'm still searching for something for my SIL though. I really should start a thread about that and see if you lot can come up with some suggestions.
  14. ^^Always happy to help when it comes to bag buying!
  15. oak regular alexa!