A Question About My Multicolor LV Wallet

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  1. Hi again everyone :P

    Now i need help with my wallet which i purchased last year while i was on vacation in Florida.
    I've never really thought about it until now as recently I've been looking at all of my Louis Vuitton.
    I havent seen that many photos of this wallet on here and I was just wondering that on one side it has metal on the corners but on the other side it of the wallet it doesnt. Is that how its supposed to be? Or should it have metal on all of the corners?

    Also i'm pretty new here so i dont really know how to do a good search on the forums, so i can be noesy and look at other peoples Multicolor Louis Vuittons.
    Where can i find photos of the same wallet that i have? :smile:


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  2. I don't know about the metal. But have you checked the clubhouse for pics?
  3. where did you get it?
  4. Hi trolley-dolly, no i havent checked the clubhouse. Like i said i'm new and a little dumb lol
    I will check it out there.

    Thanks :smile:

    I got it from Mall At Millenia in Florida.
  5. that is correct. i believe the side with the metal is the main one that opens the wallet. the other one is the coin section, correct?
    u have beautiful collection
  6. Thankyou :yahoo: i'm totally in love with the multicolor LVs

    Sorry no the metal side on mine is where the coins go and the metal is where the credit card, notes e.t.c go
  7. lol. i sold mine a while back (i needed a bigger wallet)- that is right then :smile:
  8. I love this wallet its so cute. My mum has the bigger one in white.